Erotic London Massage
Erotic London Massage

Prostate massage is one of those things that has had a lot of coverage in recent years. Like all things anal prostate massage is a taboo subject for some and because of that fact it’s also the intriguing subject of fantasy or at least simple curiosity for many. It’s also subject to a lot of misunderstanding too.

There are two sides to prostate massage. First there’s the purely erotic and sexual aspect with the promise of intense orgasms, deeply intimate contact and new sensations for both partners, In addition there are some reported health benefits, of varying voracity that have been associated with prostate massage.

The Function of The Prostate

The prostate does not produce semen, it creates prostate fluid that forms part of seminal fluid. The prostate fluid is the medium in which sperm produced in the testes is transported during ejaculation. Prostate fluid forms the majority of seminal fluid making a healthy prostate very important for sex and reproduction.

Prostate Massage

As a man, and of course only men have a prostate, you have several options. You can massage your own prostate, get your partner to do it for you if they are willing or you can pay for a prostate massage. Of course you also have the option of manual prostate massage with one or more digits or using a sex toy to apply pressure and potentially vibration to the prostate. With regard to sex toys there are now many available on the market, a large proportion of which have been reviewed on this site, you can find them in this section.

It is of course down to personal taste but there is nothing that will compete with the intimacy of a manual prostate massage for another person. An erotic prostate massage with interaction with another human being is a deeply intimate thing and unsurprisingly the source of a lot of interest.

As with all anal penetration you’ll need to be relaxed and lubricated so the person giving you the massage be that you, your partner or a skilled masseuse needs to ensure you’re not tense and apply liberal amounts of lubricant around your anus and inside your rectum. The prostate is only two or three inches inside your anus so they won’t be penetrating you far, however a single digit rubbing and massaging the prostate through the anterior wall of the rectum will immediately produce waves of intense sensation. As you become more accustomed to the feeling you may desire a second finger or even one of the toys mentioned above, either way a slow, sensual prostate massage given by a skilled practitioner will be an unforgettable experience.

You may find yourself desiring prostate massages on a regular basis of just as an occasional treat but either way you’re probably interested in some of the possible health benefits. Claims have been made about the potential efficacy of prostate massage to reduce the risk of cancer. Finding any easy to understand and compelling empirical data to support this is difficult. What has been established however is that regular ejaculation does increase the quality of sperm, reducing the number of slow and dead sperm. It’s common sense really, regularly ejaculating means the testes must produce more sperm to replace that ejected in the ejaculate. Prostate stimulation produces intense and powerful ejaculations when the recipient reaches orgasm so stimulating the body to replace the seminal fluid and sperm.

Whatever your reason for prostate massage be that intimacy with a partner, experimentation by yourself or taking advantage of an erotic massage service it’s something worth trying for every man. I mean what man turns down an intense orgasm that might also  improve their health?

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.