Naughty North "Canada's Best Sex Toy Shop"
Naughty North “Canada’s Best Sex Toy Shop”

Naughty North “Canada’s Best Sex Toy Store” certainly has a distinctive look and feel – the design, design, category headings and colour palette are bold and uncompromising. The home page consists of a very clear and simple layout offering visitors the headline categories within its range of adult toys and other sexy stuff.

Lower down the page you’ll find a welcome message describing the site’s aim to be a comfortable and welcoming space for everyone, no matter what their sexual predilection. Key to the site’s raison d’etre is a mission to supply sex toys to the Canadian market, shipping from within Canada and giving clear pricing in Canadian dollars. The welcome message details some of the pitfalls Canadian consumers can avoid by purchasing sex toys through Naughty North. In fact in a refreshingly frank and honest way the introductory text spells out the site’s creators wish to serve Canadian consumers with sex toys in an environment that feels almost as good as you do when you’re using their products. I did say almost.

Sticking to the simple, clear layout throughout you’ll find clicking through from the front screen takes you to category views and then to the individual products when you select them. The site is responsive and doesn’t suffer from the lag sometimes found on online stores. That includes searches too where some sites can take what seems like an age to drag up matching products for your chosen search term.

Product descriptions are rich too, not the two-line nonsense that sometimes accompanies a product in an online store. Here you’ll find Naughty North describing the sex toy in enough detail to allow you to make informed purchases. Not only do the product descriptions make sense but they are also written in the same ebullient and confident style as the introduction mentioned above.

Products are also accompanied by suggested purchases; So if you’re buying a Rabbit Vibrator it will suggest a suitable lube and toy cleaner too to ensure you have everything to hand before, during and after enjoying the product. There’s nothing worse than anticipating an indulgent sexy evening only to realise you’ve forgotten to buy a key element.

The site and all payments are secured by https and verified certificates so your personal and card data are as safe as any transaction can be. Payments are processed by PayPal Checkout so again a proven system with first class security credentials.

The Naught Box

One product the site does feature with its own top level menu option is the Naughty Box, a package containing a range of products designed for couples to enjoy. This is a subscription service that delivers a different Naughty Box to each subscriber’s door every three months. Each box costs $59 CAD and has free shipping within Canada. What you’ll get in each box will vary each time it arrives at your door, that of course being part of the fun! The contents will also be different depending on the sexuality you specify when you order – the options being “Straight”, “Gay” or “Lesbian” themed Naughty Boxes.

Subscription boxes are really on trend right now, ranging from cooking themed ones right through to the indulgent naughtiness of a surprise delivery of sex toys like this. That is of course part of the appeal, opening the box with your lover and seeing how it fires your imagination.

Naughty North Summary

The Naughty North adult sex toy store is different from the norm in so many ways and it’s proud to be so. In doing it is very Canada-centric, which is of course the point, but that’s not what the store is all about as its clear layout and easy navigation will appeal to all sex toy buyers.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.