G-Love Glove
G-Love Glove

Sex toy review or sensual product review, you decide with this product from Topco. Made from Cyberskin this glove is designed to enhance erotic massage. Immediately we thought this was a great idea because massage is a great form of foreplay that is well worth making the time to indulge in.

Unfortunately erotic massage with this particular product is a little restricted in several ways. First of all if you have anything other than tiny hands the glove is too small. I don’t have huge hands, just normal man-size and I found that the glove was uncomfortably tight on my hand.

Never mind, your partner might have smaller hands and you can enjoy them using the glove on you. Well, yes but then you hit another problem, you can’t use “mineral oil or oil based lubricants”. OK, so that’s not too bad, perhaps you can use other lubricants, say vegetable oils … erm, well the packaging isn’t too specific about that and only mentions water based lubricants which often get very sticky as they dry out. As for other lubricants Topco recommend washing the glove immediately after use so that your glove doesn’t react with them. So far not very good.

OK so there are these spikey things all over the palm of the glove to enhance the sensation. Well, we found they didn’t. In fact a bare hand seemed much better.

Well if all else fails there’s the old standby masturbation. Sadly that wasn’t a success either, the restriction of the glove being too great to make a quick one off the wrist comfortable.

It seemed like such a good idea but somehow this product failed to please every time we tried a new way of enjoying it. If the spikey wotsits had been a little smaller and more rigid I think it would have worked as a massage product, and with a size adjustment it would fit larger hands. Sadly as it is we struggled to make the G-Love massage glove work for us.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.