Tenga Rolling Head Cup
Tenga Rolling Head Cup

Tenga sex toys always make for an interesting sex toy review. This is contrary to what you might think if you have never tried a Tenga masturbator, or have only experienced masturbation with one model of Tenga Onacup sex toy.

I got to try the hard version of the Tenga Rolling Head Cup and as usual it surprised me with the different sensation it provided. The Rolling Head which gives this Tenga masturbator its name operates by allowing you to tilt the top of the cup in 360 degrees because of a flexible concertina like gaiter in the mid third of the Onacup’s length.

Before I used it I did wonder about how this would actually work, as I assume you are doing. I’ll come to that in a minute.

Most Tenga masturbators have a few things in common. They are with only one exception meant to be disposed of after one use. This is not the exception so if you want to use it more that once you will have to wear a condom each time you use it and apply top-up lube after the first use. The Rolling Head cup like most other Tenga sex toys comes pre-loaded with lube so don’t whip off the plastic cap on the base with it upright, it can dribble out. The lube is non-staining but you don’t want to waste any, do you now.

Finally the head of the cup, furthest from the end where you insert your penis has a sticky label that you remove to open an air hole. This allows air to move in and out of the masturbator while you use it and allows you to adjust the suction the Rolling Head Cup applies to your penis during use.

So to the Rolling Head Cup in use.

Removing the plastic seal from the “entry” end and the sticker from the air hole at the other end I slipped my already hard penis inside to experience the now familiar feeling of a cold, slippery onacup.

Except I didn’t. When Tenga say hard, they mean hard. This is one of the smaller Onacups, and like the Air Cusion Cup reviewed elsewhere on this site there is little space to spare when my cock is inside it. Add to the size the “hard” or more accurately tight nature of its construction and you see my point.

After a little firm coaxing I was able to manoeuvre my point (LOL) inside the cup and got my shaft about two thirds inside before the cup ran out of length. I began to stroke myself with the Tenga and found it to be up to the standard of the other Tenga toys. The slippery stimulation its multitude of internal ridges, nodules and contours give is enhanced by your imagination as you wonder what shape of moulding is tickling your todger.

Because of the concertina section on the Tenga Rolling Head Cup it does expand slightly as you push deep inside allowing it to accommodate a little more of your penis than you would expect. A little more. You will not however find yourself engulfed by this toy.

No matter because the ribs and ridges are added to by the ability to roll the head of the toy around the head of your cock supplementing the already expertly crafted stimulation of the toy.

By a combination of pumping and rolling of the head with the occasional hard suck (by closing the air hole of the toy and pulling it off my cock) I brought my self to the edge of a really great orgasm. I held off ejaculating for a minute or so. Edging a while to enhance the next sensation … when you cum in the confined space of the Tenga Rolling Head Cup you are acutely aware of the hot warm semen flooding the toy. A gloriously naughty sensation to end your special Tenga Time.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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