Throb Master Masturbator
Throb Master Masturbator

Let’s start this sex toy review on the right footing – the full name of this unusual sex toy is “Throb Master – The Pleasure Chamber Masturbator”. You would be forgiven for thinking at first glance that this masturbator is a sort of penis pump and you’d be kind of right. However instead of pumping air out of the chamber you pump air into it.

I’ll explain its construction which will make all of this clear.

The main cylinder is made from hard plastic and houses a set of airbags. These are connected, via a plastic tube to a bulb pump which allows you to vary the pressure in these airbags by pumping up or letting them down using the thumbwheel next to the bulb.

Inside the main cylinder is a plastic cylinder and then inside that a jelly plastic insert with an array of squidy tendrils about 2.5cm long.

If that all started to become complicated don’t worry. Using this masturbator couldn’t be simpler. Slip out the innermost sleeve and wash it before use  – it is always good practice to do this, even if you know you thoroughly cleaned it when it was last used. Then slip it back in … slip it back in … shove it, wiggle it … this is the first of two problems with the Throb Master Masturbator. Getting the inner sleeve into the plastic cylinder is very difficult. I managed to get it almost the whole way in but resorted to actually using the device and therefore my erect penis to push it all the way home. Not the end of the world but a little annoying.

When I had lubed up and slipped inside the toy I found that until I had given the bulb a few pumps the cylinder which holds the jelly sleeve just falls out of the outer cylinder. It would have been nice if the toy had been designed with either a circlip to hold it in place, or maybe a twist-lock interface for the cylinder and outer housing.

That final criticism aside, here’s how the Throb Master feels. Not half bad. When you have lubed up with a little water based lubricant and the cylinder is pumped up a little you can feel the soft tendrils stroking your head. Increasing the pressure with a few more pumps gives you the feel of a slippery vagina – OK not entirely lifelike but that’s not the point, this is a masturbator. Taking the pressure right up you feel like you are forcing your way into the tightest of holes.

So in summary this masturbator has something for men of all tastes. It’s large enough to accommodate most penises and is easy to clean after use. OK so there are a couple of niggles but this is a novel and to my knowledge unique design so that’s only to be expected.

If you want a controllable masturbator that’s easy to clean and gives a range of stimulation to suit your mood this could be the one for you.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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