Tenga Double Hole Cup
Tenga Double Hole Cup

Tenga sell the Double Hole Cup masturbator as double the pleasure with two holes for you to enjoy. In this sex toy review I’ll try to find out if that’s the case or if 1 + 1 is less than two.

The Double Hole Cup is one of Tenga’s many single-use masturbator designs. Unlike the other designs it features two points of entry at opposite ends of a cylindrical plastic tube. If you are familiar with Tenga masturbators you will already know that the interior is a soft and yielding plastic of a composition and profile unique to Tenga. You will also have guessed that like all Tenga single-use masturbators it comes pre-lubed with their Glycerine based “lotion”. If you didn’t know all that you do now.

The Double Hole Cup is 15cm long and 6.26cm in diameter. The entries at each end are named “Sweet Side” And “Bitter Side” – a weird linguistic anomaly that became a little garbled in translation? Let’s see…

Entry into the pre-lubed interior of the masturbator was reasonably easy but as I pushed further in it became apparent that the size of the device was going to make using it difficult. I’m 7.5” when erect with a proportionate girth which means that smaller masturbators do present a problem for me. The Double Hole Cup is one of those smaller masturbators.

I can say the sweet and bitter sides were different, but because of the tightness they were not distinguishable in a meaningful way. Suze was rather captivated when I pushed my whole length into the Tenga to see me emerge from the opposite end in a transparent plastic bubble, but that would appear to be a separator in the centre of the device just forced out by my penis.

As with all Tenga’s throw-away offerings you could use a condom for multiple sessions but you would need to replenish the lube with a good quality water based product afterwards. Tenga don’t guarantee this sort of usage and once opened the lube like other glycerine based products would be prone to the growth of bacteria and fungus so don’t be tempted to use it bareback if you use it more than once – there is no way to thoroughly clean it out.

I love Tenga products, maybe it’s the inherent cleanliness of a single-shot masturbator, or the quirkiness of the Japanese design. My only concern normally is that throwing away something like this after one use doesn’t seem green. In this case there is the added problem that the Double Hole Cup just isn’t big enough for me.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.