Tenga Stepper Egg
Tenga Stepper Egg

Tenga Eggs form part of a range of male sex toys and I have been lucky enough to carry out sex toy reviews on quite a few of them The Tenga Eggs come in six different varieties differentiated by the internal textures and contours. Each Tenga Egg comes in a hard plastic shell, sealed with an outer plastic wrapper. The wrapper contains the instructions – In Japanese!

Luckily Tenga Eggs are pretty self-explanatory. The egg itself is made from high grade silicone material to avoid any sort of adverse reaction when used with your most sensitive regions. LOL. You get a little sachet of lube, or “lotion” as the boys at Tenga call it, which should be applied before use – you really wouldn’t want to try it without lube.

Slipping your erection into a Tenga Egg is an enlightening experience. When I first saw the Tenga Eggs I was very sceptical about whether they would be effective. That doubt soon disappears when the soft silicone stretches over your cock. This is particularly true of the Stepper, the best Tenga Egg I’ve tested so far. The internal crescent shaped nodules work really well for me especially on my frenulum.

I tested the Tenga Stepper Egg with Suze looking on. She loves to see the end of my cock through the silicone as it stretches over my glans. I could have very easily brought myself to orgasm within a minute. However I thought I would let Suze try her hand at the job, literally.

Suze, like I, enjoyed the tactile experience that the Tenga Egg gave to her. She could feel the internal nodules flicking my cock and said that was a turn-on for her too. Getting this sort of feedback makes the Tenga Eggs a great toy for solo use but also fantastic with a partner. You both get feedback and that makes for more fun and sexual excitement.

Tenga Egg Stepper Internal ViewSuze had me squirming very quickly, identifying the action and speed required for maximum stimulation with ease. It was so stimulating that I had to ask her to back off a little and try other twisting and massaging techniques, a multitude of which are possible due to the complete flexibility of the single piece silicone construction of the masturbator.

It’s impossible to put Suze off for long though and I enjoyed the ride when she adjusted her grip again and brought me to orgasm, only stopping her pumping of my cock when the Tenga Egg began to fill with cum, stretching it thin over the head of my cock to watch the thick white liquid squirt out.

Tenga eggs are supposed to be single-use. Personally I believe that as long as you thoroughly clean the egg before and after use, allowing it to air-dry before packing it away there should be no problem with re-using this product. It will not last forever though – I haven’t ripped one yet, but I suspect that after a few uses it will tear.

Would I recommend the Tenga Egg? Yes, so long as you clean and store it carefully the eggs become great value for money. And this particular design, the Stepper, is the best of the Tenga Eggs I’ve tried.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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