Jack Master Masturbator
Jack Master Masturbator

This sex toy review of the Jack Master masturbator is at some point going to refer to another very similar toy from another, well-known manufacturer. However it isn’t going to be a comparative sex toy review. This is all about the California Exotics Jack Master Masturbator.

The Jack Master Masturbator does not attempt to look or feel like a real vagina. Its ABS case and TPR sleeve are made for stimulation of the penis without reference to mother nature’s designs. The inner soft plastic sleeve and rigid outer framework combine to give softness, stimulation and control. The rigid ABS holds the soft inner TPR sleeve in place and retains its shape during use. The cut-outs in the sides and buttons bonded to the sleeve allow the toy to expand when accepting your penis and afford the user a way of then controlling the level of stimulation.

The ABS case hinges down one side to allow lubrication in preparation before use and cleaning afterwards. Each half of the sleeve presents a different pattern and combination of ridges and nodules for a very varied masturbatory experience. This means that you can flip it around through 180 degrees and receive a completely new experience.

One of the best features of this toy is that the sleeve is not just translucent it’s transparent, so aside from the internal features getting in the way the user and anyone else watching can see your cock as you pump the Jack Master.

A light drizzle of good quality water based lubricant is all that is needed to prepare the toy for use. Suze watched intently as she watched the cock she had moments before being toying with disappear into the jack Master. Except of course that it didn’t disappear. She could see every inch of me inside the toy.

This is the most transparent masturbator I’ve used to date and it certainly is intriguing, and a turn-on to see yourself being stroked by the internal features of the Jack Master.

My audience was appreciative and jumped at the chance to grab the Jack Master when I offered it to her. She loves to masturbate me with my new toys and this one added a whole new dimension to her experience too. Her eyes were glued to the spectacle of my cock’s journey into the depths of the Jack Master.

As always at times like this a tension builds up, not only in my groin but between our mutual desire to see me cum and the enjoyment of seeing the act of seeing me masturbate. The urge to see me cum proved too strong and I let myself go to the sound of Suze’s giggles as she watched me squirt hot white semen into the heart of the Jack Master.

OK, now for the comparison. The toy to which I alluded above was of course the Tenga Flip Hole. The flip hole is similar in design, though white and sleeker. I described it in my review as the iPod of Masturbators. I stand by that statement, which makes this a more generic MP3 player, great to use but without the iconic status. Do you really need an icon to masturbate with? If you like, but the Jack Master is a very effective masturbator.

The Jack Master is more garish than the flip hole, yet has a hinge which I suspect will be more durable and oval rather than round cross-section that I found easier to hold in the hand. I will have to perform a comparative test in the near future but I can recommend the Jack Master just as highly as the Tenga Flip hole for you horny guys out there looking for a quality masturbator.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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