Tenga Soft Tube
Tenga Soft Tube

Tenga sex toy reviews are surprisingly varied. From their original Ona Cup the technicians at Tenga have developed an array of masturbators each having its own character and range of stimulation.

The Soft tube Cup is, like most other Tenga Ona Cups, pre-lubed. Or as Tenga would have it possesses a reservoir of lotion. You can see a cut-away diagram of the reservoir and the internal structure of this silicone sex toy here. But what you really want to know is how does it feel?

Like I said, each Tenga masturbator is different and I selected the soft tube to test because it seems to offer the controllability of the Tenga Flip Hole with the convenience of the disposable Ona Cups.

I first worked on an erection. You have to prepare yourself to slip into the tight hole at one end of the Tenga Soft Tube. The outer wrapping of the toy is discarded and the cap on the base quickly removed. There seemed to be plenty of lube at the entrance to the toy making for easy and comfortable entry.

Like the Air Cushion Cup the Soft Tube is not meant to totally engulf your cock but stimulate the glans and the erect penis immediately below it. An average penis would simply not fit completely inside the toy.

From initial entry until you have reached the very end of the Tenga Soft Tube you’ll feel the soft internal structure stroking and stimulating you. Each of the soft nubs inside is designed to ensure that even the slightest movement translates to an enjoyable sensory experience.

To allow you total control over the amount of suction that the Tenga Soft Tube applies to your penis a small hole is provided at the top of the toy. By applying a finger to this hole you can change the way in which the masturbator sucks and slurps at your penis.

When masturbating the suction is excellent, clenching your cock better than the best blowjob you ever had with its perfect seal – a combination of the lube and silicone construction. If the seal does give way the toy slurps up your penis, creating a sort of vibration. For a vigorous cock pounding you need to leave the hole open and forgo the suction for ease of movement.

Because the Tenga Soft Tube was quite a snug fit on my cock I didn’t need to use the ability to squeeze the toy to increase the sensation. However I can vouch for the fact that the soft outer case does allow you control of how the toy feels.

It took several strokes to ensure full distribution of the lubricating lotion along the full length of the toy. That might have been due to settlement in transit, but it is worth noting that you should start slowly to ensure the lube is fully distributed before getting too carried away.

My orgasm was good, but I’d advise letting the toy rise off your cock as you cum, otherwise like me you might feel a bit restricted.

Overall this is a good masturbator. It’s compact and convenient and can be reused. However I’d not advise you reuse it as the manufacturer suggests – by washing it out. I really can’t see how you’d ensure thorough cleaning of this toy by washing and squeezing it out. If you do intend to use it more than once, use a condom as Tenga suggest for their other Ona Cups, then a little extra lube with subsequent uses.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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