Meggan Mallone Pocket Pal
Meggan Mallone Pocket Pal

As sex toy reviews go a sex toy review about a porn star’s pussy is always going to be interesting. Meggan Mallone’s pocket pal is moulded from Meggan’s own pussy, you can even see the bumps of her hair follicles reproduced faithfully on this toy.

As male masturbators go the Meggan Malone Pocket Pal is rather good. You may be a little surprised by the cherry red labia when you first unpack the toy, but when you’ve washed it before use you’ll find the colouration fades to a more life-like pink blush. I have experienced this with UR3 toys before. The soft plastic doesn’t take colour well so I surmise they paint it in the very bright colours so it retains the correct hue after a good wash. Being UR3 this toy is phthalate free and contains no latex.

I’m not entirely familiar with Meggan’s pussy lips, but they look real enough. Inside is a different matter. The interior of the “vagina” is contoured with a series of gently contoured ridges. They are very effective but in no way represent any real woman I’ve slept with. Then again that’s hardly the point, they stimulate your cock and that’s what they are there for.

As I mentioned above I cleaned the toy and adopted my usual half-reclined position in bed, Suze watching, and played with myself until I was erect enough to enter the toy. Suze assisted by applying lube to my hard penis and the Pocket Pal before I guided the tip of my cock inside.

The opening of the Meggan Mallone Pocket pal is not as tight as some other UR3 toys from Doc Johnson making it easier to insert your penis into the toy, yet maintaining the tightness that ensures good stimulation. I think this is because the substantial size of this masturbator in relation to other models means the extra volume of UR3 material enveloping your cock is higher and therefore holds its shape better than a thin-walled toy and still stays soft.

I pushed the toy down until I was fully inside it and could only just see the tip of my cock peeping out of the open end. I tried a few strokes with the hole open, then with my finger covering it. You can vary the sensation by opening and closing the end of the toy like this. That’s handy because although the internal ribbing of the toy is highly pleasurable its contours are the same along the length of the toy and therefore offer no variety.

I offered Suze the chance to play with the toy, on my cock of course, LOL. She spent several minutes pumping my prick, occasionally rubbing the tip of my cock when it became accessible at the end of Meggan’s pussy.

I was enjoying it so much that I leant back and let her take over, leaning back, closing my eyes and listening to the squelching sounds Suze was generating with the masturbator.

Suze reacted to the involuntary queues I was giving her, the contortions of my face, the tension in my abdomen and held me just before orgasm for a while before finally increasing the firmness of her grip on the pocket pussy and thrusting it down until I pumped hot cum from the end of the toy that oozed down its length and over her hand.

With my eyes closed I heard her giggle and then the sucking, squelching sound of the pussy being withdrawn from my cock.

The Meggan Mallone Pocket Pal is not pocket sized and packs more of a punch than its name suggests. The Pocket Pal is modelled very realistically and has a feel of realism that’s often absent from male masturbators. The only departure from the reality being the internal contours, which as stated before are just right for the job.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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