Tenga Rolling Head Cup
Tenga Rolling Head Cup

Writing sex toy reviews gives us a unique insight in to what sort of sex toys work for men and women. Reviewing sex toys for the last five years means that we are uniquely qualified to understand what does and does not work when it comes to adult toys. This does not mean that the sex toy reviews we write can tell you what will work for you, just what will work for us. Sex toys and therefore sex toy reviews are by definition very personal things so while our reviews are honest they are our experiences.

Luckily what works for us works for most people and we have enough experience of sex toy reviews to know how a sex toy can be used in a variety of different scenarios by everyone from porn stars to the average guy in the street to get them off.

So, if you’re buying sex toys for you your male partner, what should you choose?

First of all do not be intimidated by sex toys. The pleasure he derives from a sex toy is not like the pleasure he gets from making love to you. Sex toys, particularly those that are not modelled on the female form provide a different sort of stimulation from “the real thing”, not superior to, just different. In the same way that a vibrator does not always attempt to slavishly emulate the male form a male sex toy can be totally unlike any part of the female anatomy and still provide you man with pleasure.

The simplest types of toy and those which provide the most direct and obvious stimulation are masturbators. Ranging from the cheap and simple to the sophisticated and expensive masturbators can provide solo fun and an experience for couples to enjoy.

A minority of masturbators attempt to emulate the internal contours of a woman’s vagina or ass, but on the whole they feature “love tunnels” (I love that euphemism, makes me smile every time) with a variety of totally un-life-like contours, nodules, bumps and ribs designed specifically for stimulation. And why not? As I said above this is about a different type of pleasure. Of course some masturbators are modelled on the outward appearance of the female vulva or ass. Aesthetically this can be pleasing or arousing and it is true that a man can derive a certain amount of enjoyment from a well moulded masturbator’s external form – the Fleshlight is a good example of this with vulva modelled on a generic form or now specific porn stars.

Masturbators are a type of sex toy that most people would usually associate with solo fun. This does not have to be the case. The pleasure that some women derive from bringing off their man means this is simply not true. There are even translucent masturbators where you and your partner can see their ejaculation as it happens.

Some sex toys for men can be enjoyed by both partners. In particular cock rings can promote harder and longer lasting erections. Some cock rings feature built in vibrators, or added stimulating features such as swinging weights of shaped stimulating nodules to bring pleasure to both partners. Cock rings can be quite reasonably priced, come in a variety of materials (jelly plastic, silicone, metal and even wood) and you might find that you prefer to have a selection to hand to allow you to select a different sex toy depending on your mood.

One area that couples are considering increasingly is anal play. Misunderstood and often regarded as taboo the use of anal sex toys on men can provide intensely stimulating orgasms and a whole new area of bedroom play.

For more information on anal play for men see this article.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.