Wet Synergy Lube
Wet Synergy Lube

Sometimes when you perform a sex toy review you wonder what the manufacturer was thinking when they named the adult product you are evaluating. In the case of this hybrid lube from Wet I have to ask why they called it “Basic”. The implication is that this product is at the bargain basement, low quality end of the market, and it simply isn’t. Price wise it’s very reasonably placed, being comparable to any good water based lube and as for performance …

This is fundamentally a water based lube and does contain glycerine, so if you react to glycerine this isn’t for you. However most water based lubes depend on glycerine and for most of us that isn’t a problem for most of us.

What is different about the Synergy Basic lube is that it contains silicone. The addition of a little silicone seems to make all the difference because it extends the amount of time you can use the product during sex before it becomes sticky. In fact when I used the lube it simply didn’t become sticky at all, even after 20 minutes of masturbation using my favourite masturbator. The only reason I stopped was that I came!

I’ve used hybrid lubes before and not all perform as well as Synery Basic Lube. The manufacturers claim that this lube lasts 7 times longer than water based lubes and to spice things up for you a little have three variants in the range – Basic, Basic + cool tingle and Basic + warming. I just tried the “Basic” so can’t comment on the effects of the cool or warming variety.

All three in this range come in either 55g or 197g sizes with a special top that’s designed for one handed opening, always an advantage in the middle of a passionate encounter.

If only they hadn’t called it “Basic” LOL

By Suze

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