Pjur Med Vegan Glide
Pjur Med Vegan Glide

After 20 years of producing lubricants you would think that the Pjur company would know a thing or two about intimate products, and you’d be right. During that time they have developed a world leading range of intimate lubricants and personal hygiene products with clean, recognisable packaging and a reputation for quality.

The “Pjur med” range is pitched as helping improve sexual health and wellbeing, with clean packaging to emphasise this impression. We picked up a bag full of lubricants from Pjur at the eroFame show in Germany and to really put them to the test I thought I’d try this one first.

All the products in the “Pjur med” range are free from dyes, perfumes, paraffin and parabens. There’s no spermicide (which some people can react to) and all Pjur med products are safe to use with latex condoms.

Pjur med Vegan Glide has to be a test for any manufacturer’s prowess in product development because despite a huge range of ingredients at the product designers’ disposal making an effective, quality lubricant with no animal products means stripping back your formulation. When you’ve done that you have to replace any “conventional” compounds used to provide a specific property for a lube with alternatives that fit the requirements of Vegan consumers

Pjur not only guarantee that Pjur med Vegan Glide is vegan friendly, but also, logically, that it has not been tested on animals.

With all those restrictions placed on Pjur med Vegan Glide, can it really work without compromising quality, feel and longevity in use? There is a way to find out, use it and use it in the most demanding way possible. Anal play.

Pjur med Vegan Glide is colourless, almost odourless and has the consistency of a slightly liquid gell, perfect for application to toys and, erm other things that you might want to play with. Not too liquid that it drips all over you and your clothes/bedding, thereby wasting it, but fluid enough to easily coat your sex toy of choice.

I’ll not describe the actual test here because I used this lube on a new sex toy that will be coming up in the near future. Suffice to say that apart from me fumbling the tube as I was applying it to my new P Spot stimulator and dropping it on my T Shirt the Pjur med Vegan Glide could not have performed better. And as for my T shirt, despite a big blob of lube landing on it … now that it’s dried there isn’t a mark on the fabric!

Pjur med Vegan Glide Summary

Pjur med Vegan Glide is faultless as far as I’m concerned, the gel-like viscosity means it’s easy to apply, clings to toys and was great even for anal play. The formulation never went sticky or dry, meaning once enough was applied there was no mood-breaking re-applications of lube. Clean-up is easy too, washing of easily with a little soap and water.

In short Pjur med Vegan Glide does everything you ask of it without compromise, and in a way that’s ethically acceptable to everyone.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.