Tori Black Fleshlight
Tori Black Fleshlight

Masturbating to porn is one thing that most men have done and masturbating to a video of your favourite porn star is a pretty common pastime. However since the creation of the Fleshlight Girls range of male masturbators you can actually masturbate in a copy of your favourite porn star’s vagina.

Now, I’m not saying that internally the Fleshlight girls range of male masturbator are strictly accurate but externally these sex toys for men are formed from moulds taken from the porn stars that endorse then. The range seems to be growing month on month, the latest I’ve received for test is the Tori Black Fleshlight with a “lotus” insert. If you’re not familiar with Fleshlights this is what all that means.

A Fleshlight girl masturbator is shaped (a little) like a bulky flashlight, or as we would say in the UK a torch. The outer case of a Fleshlight is hard plastic, and if you’ve purchased a “Fleshlight Girl” it comes in a pearlescent plastic case rather than a solid colour. The main difference between a Fleshlight Girl and a standard, generic vagina style Fleshlight is the modelling of the, erm, entrance. Inside your hard outer case is a soft, flesh-like elastomer insert (what the people at Fleshlight call a sleeve) that has two notable features – externally you can see and feel a realistic representation of the labia and mons of the titular porn star, in this case Tori Black, inside is one of the carefully designed stimulating canals from the makers of your Fleshlight. Mine came with the “Lotus”, an insert which grips and sucks at your penis when you use the masturbator.

Never having had personal experience of the lovely Tori Black I can’t say that this is exactly how her vagina grips and stimulates a penis, in fact I’d venture a guess that it’s not at all an accurate representation of the sensation you’d be lucky enough to feel should you find yourself in bed with her. That is not what these Fleshlights are about, externally you see yourself penetrating  a porn star, internally you aren’t asked to “compromise” with the feel of a realistic vagina, instead you get rubbed and sucked by a series of ribs and chambers which were created to give you an intense masturbatory experience.

The Tori Black Fleshlight like most Fleshlight sleeves are pretty successful when it comes to stimulating you but the Lotus is as it happens my favourite sleeve for a full-sized Fleshlight. The feeling isn’t realistic, in fact in some ways it is positively proud to be an artificial experience but it is effective at giving you pleasure while you pleasure yourself.

Fleshlights are easy to clean and maintain, though you have to bear a few facts in mind when you own one. The manufacturers recommend you take it apart and wash with water, not soapy water and leave to dry for 24 hours before reassembling the masturbator. The reasons for this are that soaps can degrade the sleeve (isomer insert) and a damp insert can breed germs and mould – eeuw! Not what you want on your cock the next time you use the masturbator. If you want to be sure of cleanliness you can use the “Fleshlight wash “ anti-bacterial cleanser, followed by a little corn starch or “Fleshlight Renewing Powder” to ensure that sleeve material doesn’t stick to itself – which it tends to do.

Fleshlights are a great aid to masturbation, they add variety and fun to the process of getting off. Each different sleeve provides a different experience and if you’re into a p articular porn star, like Tori Black you’ll be eager to get hold of her “pussy”. Be sure to stock up on plenty of good quality water based lube because the single sachet of lube they send with the Tori Black Fleshlight is only just enough for one use.

Tori Black Fleshlight Summary

You’ll love using a Fleshlight for masturbation and if you’r a fan of Tori Black you’ll love using the Tori Black Fleshlight for your own personal bit of fun.




By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.