Sex In A Can Succu Dry Masturbator
Sex In A Can Succu Dry Masturbator

The Succu Dry masturbator is part of the Fleshlight range of male masturbators. I have to confess that when it comes to performing a sex toy review on male masturbators we have had a few toys recently that haven’t reached the required  standard and have therefore not had their review published. Luckily the Succu Dry masturbator doesn’t fall into this category.

If you are familiar with Fleshlights or already have a Fleshlight of your own you will be familiar with the construction of this toy, but in case you are not; Fleshlights come in two sections, a hard case and a soft insert. The outer case protects the masturbator during storage and transport, it comprises a cylindrical main section with two end caps which are removed or partially removed during use. The soft inner section accommodates your penis during use.

I’ll get the negative out of the way before I start the review proper. No lube! Why? There’s not even a starter sachet of lubricant with this masturbator. I don’t expect a manufacturer to provide a huge tube of lubricant with a masturbator but imagine the disappointment when you unpack your new toy and find that you can’t use it because you didn’t order lube. When you order this toy buy some good quality water based lube at the same time. Don’t skimp on the lube, good quality costs a little more but will last for ages and will not damage your toy.

Right, that out of the way how does the Succu Dry Masturbator perform?

The outside of the can sports the vampire theme that the name suggests with a female vamp, mouth agape and blood dripping from her elongated canines. A couple of jokey warnings about how to use the masturbator and what to do if a vampire bites you make an interesting change from the dry warnings about “no medical claims …”

Unlike the Fleshlight which claims to be “disguised as a flashlight” this does actually look like a large can of beer to the casual observer. Unscrewing the cap reveals a wonderfully modelled set of lips and teeth with a couple of vicious looking canines. Luckily they are moulded from soft plastic elastomer so there’s no chance of grazing your most sensitive parts with these teeth.

The mouth is slightly open and this not only exposes the teeth but makes inserting your penis very easy. On some other masturbators including Fleshlights inserting yourself into the toy can be a bit of an acquired skill. Once you are slipping inside (lubed up with a few drops of the aforementioned water based lubricant) you’ll find a forest of soft spines stroking and stimulating your penis. One rather interesting and rewarding aspect of this masturbator is that as the “mouth” accepts your penis it expands as if opening to accommodate you in a very realistic way. Most unexpected.

Suze was a little freaked out by the horrifying image presented by the mouth and teeth so let me toy with this masturbator while she simply watched, though couldn’t resist cupping my balls. One thing I must mention to those of you not familiar with Fleshlight sex toys is that before inserting yourself into one you should loosen the end cap to allow the air displaced by your penis to escape. You can adjust the cap in use to increase the suction applied to your cock, or indeed create a partial vacuum if that’s your thing.

I mentioned at the start of this review that we’ve had a few duds when it comes to male masturbators for review recently. Well the Succu Dry is the exact opposite. Sliding in and out of this masturbator gives me just the type of stimulation I like. It’s controllable, simple and I can get almost all of my length into the toy without removing the end cap completely. Suze could see I was enjoying the sensations I was receiving, in fact I was enjoying the Succu Dry so much I felt a little guilty with Suze just watching. She must have sensed this and pushed back the sheet to reveal her hand between her legs, rubbing her clit.

That was all the encouragement I needed and let myself go, pushing the masturbator hard onto my erection, one, two, three and on the fourth thrust erupting inside the vampire’s mouth.

As you can tell I had a great time with this masturbator. It’s easy to clean too, the parts separating to be washed and dried before being reassembled for another use or storage. This is a compact, effective masturbator and it’s a quality product that doesn’t cost the earth.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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