Rocks Off LUV Vibrating Massager
Rocks Off LUV Vibrating Massager

This toy must be the first really original toy concept for Rocks Off and I think we all know how it came by it’s name looking at the shape.  Other products in the Rocks Off range have either been bullets or silicone sleeves built around their RO range which is fine but does constrict the designs somewhat, this is the first toy with its own identity.

Unlike others, this one is uniquely designed as an integral ABS plastic vibrator with heart shaped head and multi speed and levels of vibration.  And I was eager to give the LUV Vibrating Massager and give it a run for its money.

I’m all in to making pleasure effortless and the design and shape of this vibe means that it can be easily used without too much trouble.  There is nothing more irritating than having to contort to use a toy but the curved head of the LUV promises to be on target.  😉

I also can’t post this review without mentioning that the new rigid plastic box the toy comes in is much better than previous packaging, providing somewhere safe to store your toy whilst keeping it visible for selection in the future.

Right enough of that, lets take a look at its features.

  • The curved head ensures targeted stimulation or massage for tired muscles as they say on the packaging but we all know where this baby is going don’t we?  😉
  • Has easy to use dual push button speed and on/off controls to avoid fumbling during use.
  • With illuminated controls for under the cover or night time play.
  • Featuring three strong speeds and two pulsating settings.
  • Operates with 4 x AAA batteries.

It was a hot October afternoon when I took to the bedroom LUV in hand.  Yes I did say October, we are having an Indian summer here.  (Note: this was written at the time when the weather was unseasonally hot, the weather is now appalling and in keeping with the time year.)

I pulled the curtains too and pulled back the duvet, there would be no need for that today and kitted off.  It feels good to be totally naked and still be warm, a feeling of freedom, emancipation.  The sun was still illuminating the room as it penetrated the fabric of the curtains and I couldn’t wait to bask in our joint glory.

All was quiet outside, there was a notable absence of bird song as the sun soared in the sky and I was feeling particularly hot.  😉  I reclined back on the bed my clothes strewn across the floor at the side me.  It felt good to be free of my garments and much cooler.

The LUV was laying on top of my bedside drawers just waiting to be used and maybe abused depending on just how dirty I was feeling.  I took it in my hand and pressed my way to full speed vibration, this girl was taking no prisoners.

Whilst the LUV isn’t the quietest of vibrators I have used I noted how powerful it was as my hand started to resonate with the vibe’s hum.  I pressed the head against my pussy, enjoying the feeling of my clit and lips being enveloped by the wide head.

Everything started to pulse and swell as the LUV got to work on my cunt and a feeling of warmth and well being wrapped me in it’s pleasure.  My temperature seemed to elevate with the flush of sexual arousal, this felt so good.

I wanted more and new that this vibrator could deliver.   Tilting the head so the tip of the heart pushed against my clit I started to massage my pink nub in a circular motion.  OMG!  The feeling was…I would like to say awesome but I feel that word is so over used.  But yes, it was just that.

As I rhythmically rubbed one out with the LUV my toes started to curl, my heart race and my temperature rocket, orgasm was imminent.  My clit was tingling as I writhed under my own administrations.  Every last remnant of tension released from my body along with my orgasm.

“Fuck, oh fuck!” I exclaimed as my body twitched and jerked, then came to rest in the middle of the bed.

This vibrator is purporting to be a “massager” but I know better, you would enjoy the charms of the LUV weather you are a seasoned pro or a sex toy newbie because you use it as you like.  Next time I’m going to give it a try as a shallow internal vibrator, so many ways to play.  Go explore with the Rocks Off LUV.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.