Vibe Therapy Narcissism
Vibe Therapy Narcissism

This is the first time I’ve used a strap-on designed for your own self pleasure, and the name is perfect of course.

Unlike other strap-ons made for penetrating your partner this one has a stubby, bulbous, upturned dildo attached.  Clearly for shallow penetration, not sure it will be long enough to slip inside and massage my g-spot but that’s where the testing comes in.  😉

The Narcissism is nicely presented in a pink and white box with the familiar Vibe Therapy logo and artwork.  Your toy is encased inside two clear plastic covers so you can see immediately what your product looks like without having to open the packaging.  A good idea for shop displays.

Once opened you expose the Narcissism which comprises of a stubby, generously proportioned silicone dildo with remote control unit/battery case attached by a wire.  Adjustable silicone straps are moulded into four points on the curved base plate of the dildo.

The idea is that you secure the Narcissism around your waist with the generous and stretchy waist strap and around each thigh.  This enables you to wear the strap-on, operate the control and lay back and think of Eng…or perhaps somewhere much warmer at the moment.  Lol

I did wonder about the possibility of quite literally turning the tables and reversing the strap-on to become one which “gives” but then realised that the power lead to the dildo would be in the way.

Oh well, it will just have to be my own naughty indulgence in that case.  😉

Each of the leg straps and the waistband unhooks so you don’t have to slide the straps on and off for each use, which is a useful feature.

Cleaning your Narcissism should be done with care so as not to let water ingress the remote control.  I suggest you do as I did and just wash the dildo carefully and wipe the straps and remote with toy cleaning wipes.

Whilst I do this why don’t you familiarise yourself with the finer qualities of this self indulgence…

  • Has fully adjustable straps with the waistband ranging between 60-203cm.
  • Quick clip out staps on both the leg and waistband to avoid having to slip on and off each time.
  • Is remotely controlled for almost hands free fun.  😉
  • Operates via 2 x AAA batteries.
  • With 7 modes of vibration there’s fun to be had by everyone.  There are 3 x constant speeds, 1 x escalating mode and 3 x pulsating.
  • Can be quickly turned off using the independent Power button for emergency cessation of pleasure or the quick “someone’s coming” (but not me) scenario.  Lol
  • The dildo has an insertable length of 57.5cm with a circumference of 11.5cm

It was one of those lovely April days…

Let’s rewind.  It was dull, windy and raining as I retired to my boudoir for a little mid morning pick me up.  I placed the Narcissism on my bedside drawer to close the curtains and returned to my side of the bed to discover the cat playing with my dangling straps.

I carefully removed the vibe from my draw, placing it on my pillow hoping my kitteh would forget about the whole thing.

He did.  Out of sight and all that.

Out of the bedroom he headed as I slipped out of my tracksuit bottoms, casting my panties to the floor along with my socks.

The top was staying put until I warmed up a bit.  Lol

Once under the duvet I pulled my Narcissism under to share the heat placing it between my legs for a while.  I listened to the rhythm of the rain falling on top of the bay window as I pulled back the duvet getting ready for “lock down”.

All would have been well but at this point not only did I have problems with adjusting the strap lengths but once adjusted the leg straps would only fit someone up to size 12 max, although the waist/groin strap was plenty long enough.  Which is a shame as this is the USP for the product.

I decided to carry on and use the Narcissism manually because of problems with harness fit.

After applying a drop of lube to the tip and slipped the tip of the dildo inside me with straps hanging loose.  It slipped inside me with ease and filled my vaginal passage but didn’t quite make it to my g-spot.

A press of the Power button turned the vibe on, I quickly followed with a press of the mode button which fired up the constant speed setting.  This felt mildly buzzy but I needed a bit more.  I pressed the mode button a few times until I discovered the pulsating modes which felt good as they massaged my vaginal passage.

I found my PC muscles were holding the strap-on in place at this point and just kept hold of the remote as I lay back and enjoyed the sensual pleasure of shallow vaginal stimulation.

This toy didn’t rock my world but it may rock yours especially if you are a sex toy newbie.   The straps have size issues so if you’re a curvy lady maybe you would be better looking at another vibrator.  Alternatively, if the Narcissism will accommodate you and you’re looking for gentle stimulation this vibe would be ideal.





By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.