Sh! Jessica Rabbit Vibrator
Sh! Jessica Rabbit Vibrator

And here we are again playing with Jessica, I wouldn’t like to say just how many times our paths have crossed over the years.  This is the latest version of the old classic from Sh! Womenstore.  One of their latest collection of adult pleasure products.

She is presented in no frills packaging, a matt black box with cellophane window so the purchaser can see just what they are getting for their hard earned.

On the rear of the box clearly, legibly and without the aid of a magnifying glass are bullet points about the contents along with care and cleaning instructions.

So just what’s so different on first impression with the latest Jessica Rabbit…

Well this one, unlike others I have tried doesn’t have a shaft with rotating bands of beads.  Instead opting for the freestyle method of loose beads within a clear TPE bubble.

As for the controls, they are raised so you can feel your way during play.  Something which can be irritating during play is having to remove your toy to see which button you need to press.  Not the case with the Sh! Jessica Rabbit.

I find some rabbit vibrators quite cumbersome, this one sits in the middle field I’m pleased to say.  Which should ensure that you enjoy deep penetration without having to weild a large, heavy vibrator.

However, it is made from TPE.  Not one of my favourite toy compounds.  I find that it’s a material which creates drag on the skin and usually requires copious amounts of lubricant to use comfortably.

TPE’s finer quality is that it does feel soft and pliable and heats to body temperature quite quickly.

So whilst I get her cleaned and warmed up I’ll leave you with a collection of facts about our Jessica.

  • Runs 3 x AAA batteries.
  • Has an independent On/Off control for fast termination should it be required.  Offers + & – Speed settings and 10 x vibration modes plus 4 x shaft rotation speeds.  😉
  • Is splashproof so you can slip off for a shower with your new companion.
  • Offers an insertible length of 13.5cm and has a maximum girth of 13cm.

So let’s see how this experienced little lady performs in the boudoir…

After applying a small blob of lube to the tip and massaging it around the head of the Jessica Rabbit vibrator I reclined on to the bed.  Armed and ready to go!

The lubed tip slipped inside me with ease and insertion stopped at the hilt of the rabbit.  Leaving the bunny head nuzzled against my eager clitoris.  I was ready for this and all the more ready for the new kitten being asleep in his bed.

I have to be very selective about my testing times these days what with having a little one running around the place.  Lol

Feeling my way over to the middle of the control panel, I depressed the On button quickly followed by the + to start up the shaft’s rotation.

This felt good as the tip got to work on my vaginal walls and was further enhanced when I pressed the vibration control and the rabbit ears began to work their magic on my clit.

I upped everything to max and lay there letting Jessica do her thing.  Yes she was noisy as suggested on the box but she did what she promised.  😉

The vibrations coupled with the rotating shaft made for a very pleasurable experience but didn’t quite rock my world.  I think this could be due to the lack of g-spot contact the Jessica Rabbit appeared to be making.  Whilst the head does rotate g-spot contact didn’t seem to happen for me.  Although it was very enjoyable.

Perhaps I should give her a try another day.

If you are happy to memorise the controls and feel comfortable with simultaneous internal and external stimulation then this vibrator is for you.  If however, you are an experienced sex toy user the Jessica Rabbit may fall short of your expectations.




By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.