Ceres Lace Vibrator
Ceres Lace Vibrator

Only having tried one previous product from the Key range but having seen the full range on display at eroFame Hannover last year I must say I’m a fan.

The range exudes quality and uniqueness in its clever fusion of quality silicone,  glass and ABS plastic glass that echo the soft and hard levels of play these toys can provide.

Once you remove the outer end cap of the packaging depicting the Ceres Lace and giving multi lingual product information and features you discover the matt black box containing your vibrator.

This inner sanctum is a box emblazoned with the same information as the outer minus the Features section and features the QR code. Maybe less packaging would have worked just as well but it does increase the anticipation as you open your new sex toys I suppose.

Inside each Ceres Lace vibrator sits nuzzled in a dense foam liner which perfectly displays its inhabitant, complete with its signature Key stainless alloy end stud.  The Ceres sits majestically in the centre of the box, the crisscross pattern on the shaft reminiscent of the ceilings of stately homes.

Don’t get me started I love history and architecture.  Lol

I slipped this mid-range vibrator from its housing

This vibrator feels both solid and comfortable in the hand the bevelled end nuzzles comfortable against the palm.

Hmmm, I need to put this vibe through its paces but first here are the details whilst I go wash and load it ready for action:

  • There are 3 different styles to choose from original, lace and g.
  • Each offers 7 modes of vibration including 1 x constant, 1 x pulsing and 5 x escalating.  You’re sure to find a favourite there.  😉
  • Operates on 2 x AA batteries.
  • One button control, simply push to move to the next level or hold down for 3 seconds to terminate vibration for stealth play.
  • Is quiet in operation considering the powerful vibrations it offers.
  • Being waterproof it can be enjoyed in the bathroom as well as the bedroom.
  • Has insertable length of 13.5cm and a maximum circumference of 10.5cm.

Now for the testing.  It’s pretty miserable here and I could do with some cheering up.  Lol  Summer hasn’t quite begun as we in the UK would hope.  It’s windy, cloudy and miserable and I’m pulling the curtains too.

I slip under the duvet Ceres Lace clutched in my hand wearing just my bra.  It may be Summer but I’m still leaving a vague semblance of clothing around me.  🙂  The pressure on my clit increases as I let the vibrator press against me and my excitement is aroused.

I press the Key button firing the vibrator in to action on my primed fleshy button.  I’m enjoying the sensation but this isn’t my optimum orgasmic stage, I’m saving that for the ultimate sensation…penetration.

But, at the moment I’m totally immersed in the deep thrum of the vibrations I’m enjoying on my aroused clitoris.  The weight of the Ceres Lace and the low vibrations are edging me to orgasm now.  Fuck, I haven’t even parted my lips with her yet.  But fuck this feels good.

Do I let myself go or wait for penetration?

Enough said….

…I came fucking hard on my soft fleshy clit.

Can you just imagine what the Ceres Lace could do for you when she’s inside you?

This may be one of those part deux reviews.  What am I saying, of course it is!

And pure hedonistic greed made me go for my second orgasm of the evening.  No lube required as my pussy was still glistening from my earlier clitoral orgasm.

The snub nose penetrated me with ease and my pc muscles did the rest, pulling the Ceres Lace vibe deep inside me.  My vaginal walls enjoyed its passage simultaneously being massaged and stimulated by the silicone shaft’s ribbing.

Once in place I pushed the power button, firing the vibrator in a deep thrumming constant vibration which felt very good but I wanted to see what else the Ceres Lace vibe offered.

A few presses later I discovered an escalating mode which ticked all the boxes.  I settled back and just left my vibe to do its thing, held in place against my g-spot by my own internal muscles.  They were clamping down hard on the vibrator enabling me to go hands free.

Once I had discarded my bra to the floor.  I took advantage of my ability to enhance my pleasure rolling my nipples between my fingers.  A combination of tweaking and rolling coupled with the throbbing between my legs made my toes curl, heart beat faster,  breathing become rapid resulting in a quivering orgasm which left me sexually exhausted but happy.  😉

A toy for all occasions, the Ceres Lace Massager is sure to please all.  Unchallenging and with thrumming, deep vibrations that are sure to please whatever your level of experience as a sex toy user.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.