Nobessence Thrive
Nobessence Thrive

Thriving On Hard Wood

Some time ago I was sent four beautiful wooden creations to test by Nobessence. Not only are their toys functional but they are also objects of desire. From the moment I saw them I just had to have one of my own. These adult toys would not look out of place on the finest coffee tables.

Alex has previously reviewed the Romp and I have reviewed the other two. In fact I had forgotten all about it until I rummaged through my outstanding products box and found it hiding in the corner just begging to be tested.

The Thrive is made out of Bamboo and reminds me very much of an hourglass with it’s bulbous ends and tight little neck. It has been finished to a high standard, smooth and waterproof so you can even use it in the bath.

Because the Thrive is constructed of wood it doesn’t react to lubes, so you can use which ever one works best for you. Unlike some toys where you have to be careful of interaction between the lubricant and the material it is constructed from.

This toy is billed as being good for Kegel exercises. For those of you who aren’t familiar with Kegel you can read up here or in short, this is a set of exercises designed to tone the pelvic floor known as the pubococcygeus muscle (PC muscle for short) this can be achieved either with or without the use of barbells or other exercise equipment.

My toy measures 17cm with the most bulbous end measuring 14cm in circumference and the opposite end 13cm. Enough girth to fill most girls don’t you think. 😉

Being constructed of wood I decided to lay the Thrive between us in bed to pick up our body heat. Alex wanted to watch me work out. Dirty boy that he is. I’ve never used any Kegel exercisers before, usually I do my PC workout whilst driving the car. I’m sure I must be pulling some really strange faces as I pass people whilst driving to work. Lol

If you see me just smile and wave.

I had just been fucked by Alex and therefore no need for lube. 😉 I must say the dildo feels nice to hold especially when it has been warmed. It sits so comfortably in your hand, no at all alien.

Laying on my back I opened my legs to accommodate the toy. I decided to try the double end first, as in double ball. I placed the dildo between my pussy lips and moved it around coating it with Alex’s juices which had made their way out of me following our fuck earlier.

With a gentle push the first of the balls worked its way through my opening and inside me. It was swiftly followed by the second. Once engaged I began to grip it with my muscles, pulling it in to me and releasing it several times. This massaged my vaginal wall and felt comforting and good.

Having mastered the double end I decided to switch it around to the more challenging end. I could feel the slight resistance as it parted and opened me up and I felt a sense of satisfaction and arousal as it popped inside. My muscles stretching around it and then pulling it in without the need for me to push with my fingers.

It perfectly massaged my opening and filled me when it was inside. It pressed on all the right places, making me feel full and satisfied. Rather peculiarly this toy doesn’t have to be long and cervical massaging to make you aroused, the shape does the work for you.

I tried slowly and deliberately moving the Thrive in and out of my pussy and it felt good. In fact the slower the better as the intensity of the stimulation is so much more. But I was determined to try this out as an exercising device.

I found that I could massage myself very nicely just using my muscles again. It wasn’t intense enough to achieve orgasm but then again this toy is doing me doubly good. I have and exerciser and a toy all in one.

Next time I am going to try a clit stimulator whilst the larger end is filling me. Now I’m sure that would do the trick. 😉

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.