Jildo Wooden Dildo
Jildo Wooden Dildo

At the risk of sounding like the Marks & Spencer advertisements currently running in the UK…there are didos and then there are “Jildos”.

These beauties are lovingly created and crafted by Jilda herself with the help of her long standing partner Mike. She is one talented and lovely lady and wasted no time in despatching one over for me to try. You know me, as soon as I saw her Jildos I just had to try one.

Each Jildo is unique…no CNC machinery is used in the making of these objects of desire, every one is hand turned and finished using your chosen wood. They truly are a piece of art with a hidden naughtiness of course. 😉

The Jildo is totally green in that it is made with exotic, hardwoods from renewable sources. No phthalates and reduced risk of allergic reactions. They even come packaged in biodegradable packaging containing starch peanuts which melt in water. That has to be a good thing for you and the environment.

Processing involves twelve levels of sanding, finishing and polishing. Ensuring that there are no splinters, tool marks or polishing flaws. Nothing to come between you and perfect enjoyment. And you don’t have to go and buy batteries, the only maintenance it requires is a good cleansing with soap and water.

When tooled they are given at least 6 coats of salad bowl finish which is an oil based coating which is non toxic and chemical free. And I say if you can eat of it you can feel safe inserting in to your pussy. 😉 Finally they are given a coat of Carnuba wax which is widely used in the pharmaceutical trade to coat tablets so they slip down more easily. Enough said. 😉

I will add at this point that I think Jilda is a most wonderful human being. If you read up on her philosophy on life you will see what I mean and I must admit in my limited communications with her she seems like a really nice and genuine soul.

Right where was I…

My Jildo arrived in a rather unconventional fashion. When I got home I discovered that the postman or woman had posted it through the catflap. I assume that the cat didn’t sign for it but I was glad they had so that I didn’t have to go and collect it from the depot.

I rushed in to the kitchen to find the scissors to help me open the packaging. Once I had carefully scored around the edge of the box I opened it up to reveal my Certificate of Authenticity with my very own personalised registration number and hand signed by Jilda herself. Lovely touch, this really starts to feel like a luxurious indulgence from the moment you open the box.

Before going any further I retired to the living room and sat down. I just knew I would be taken back but nothing prepared me for what I found in amongst the little starch peanuts. Inside was a beautiful blood red drawstring suedette pouch containing my handcrafted wooden Jildo.

Wanting to savour the moment I ran my fingers gently over the fabric, feeling the contours of the Jildo within. I was getting excited just thinking about opening the pouch. Alex being a man kept saying “Open it then”. It may sound silly but I was enjoying delaying the moment, very much like a really good orgasm. But I knew I just had to take a look.

At the back of my mind I am thinking how glad I am that it is Saturday and I can put some time aside to give it a try. Lol

When I slid back the pouch I was astounded, the Jildo reminded me of old fashioned barley sugar sticks. It was unbelievably smooth and the cherry wood grain shimmered in the daylight. I didn’t know if I should suck this or insert it and as I ran it though my fingers I could only gasp at the corkscrew sensation. Alex had to have a feel at it too and remarked how well crafted it was, saying that it would have taken hours to produce.

I took myself off to the bathroom whilst Alex rustled up some coffees. Placing the pouch on the windowsill I squirted some liquid soap on to my toy and ran a bowl of water. The Jildo was washed, dried and ready to use in no time. 🙂

As I walked in to the bedroom and pulled the curtains closed my heart was beating ever faster in anticipation of things to come. I’ve never had the pleasure of using a wooden dildo before and I love new experiences…it’s like having sex for the first time with a new partner.

I reclined on to the bed, Jildo in hand at that point Alex appeared in the doorway of the bedroom, cups in hand. He placed them down on the bedside drawers and unzipped my jeans asking if I needed some assistance with my clothing.

Giggling I lay back on the bed and stretched my legs out so he could remove my jeans and then my panties. Suze couldn’t wait to get started and sizing up the Jildo I decided that it would probably slip in nicely without lube. Or at least I would try it without first. It entered me with ease, I was still lubricated up there from our early morning romp. 😉

No lube was required.

As the Jildo made it’s way in to my opening I got feedback I have never felt before, I was suddenly aware of every inch entering me. Feeling every contour and twist as it eased inside my pussy. And when I started to withdraw it again…Wow! The sensation is sensational and cannot be compared to anything else I have tried. Other dildos just don’t have the stimulating helical geography to do what this one does to me.

Alex lay back on his side of the bed silently observing me. I closed my eyes to enjoy every movement of the dildo as I worked it in and out of my moist swollen pussy. Within seconds the dildo had reached body temperature and felt like a part of me.

Unusual for me I found the best stimulation was afforded from slow deliberate movements in and out, giving an occasional twist. I murmured to Alex at one point to massage my clit and he reached over and started to roll my pink nub. This added to the whole experience and within just a few minutes I was moaning through my first orgasm.

Despite the dildo becoming very, very wet the sculptured handle made it easy for me to keep a grip on my new toy, some toys can become slippery and difficult to hold on to. I was really succumbing to the Jildo’s charm now and had my movements mapped out whilst Alex rubbed away at my bulging clit.

Another orgasm rose up from my feet and wracked my whole body as I quaked beneath Alex’s finger. As I came down from my euphoric state I became aware of something hard pressing against my right leg, Alex.

So Jilda, how does it feel to know that you have pleasured so many women?!?!?

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