We--Vibe Thrill Vibrator
We–Vibe Thrill Vibrator

I was elated today to receive a sex toy I had spotted in Hannover a few weeks ago at the eroFame B2B Show.  It looks sleek, classy and interesting, the people at We-Vibe have made every effort to ensure that it resembles nothing else on the market.  However, as with all such intimate products function has to dictate form to some extent.

It’s the brand new “Thrill” from the makers of the We-Vibe. For those of you unfamiliar with the We-Vibe it’s a “U” shaped vibrator with a motor at each end.  It is designed to be worn internally by the female whilst she is being made love to.  You can find the review here.

You would be forgiven for thinking that the We-Vibe Thrill has more than a slight resemblance to the We Vibe, essentially it’s the same shape just about 30% larger and with an ABS section housing the charging/control interface and the battery something its predecessor didn’t possess being covered completely in silicone.  You would have had problems copulating with a handle on top of your pubic bone too.  Lol

The penetrating tip has a bulbous head , the idea being that it will sit snugly against the g-spot once inside your vagina and the other arm of the “U”  is a handle to aid control, pressure and positioning of the vibrator once in place.  Or as the demonstrator at the show advised me, it can be used to assist you while rocking on the Thrill.

But first I needed to charge the We-Vibe Thrill which can be conveniently done via the micro USB adapter fed from either a mobile phone charger or from your PC with the USB lead supplied with the Thrill.

Whilst charging the amber light on the head of the Thrill will remain constantly lit and go out once fully charged.  The best position to charge your vibrator in is on its side to avoid the adapter loosing contact with the adapter.

Here are some interesting facts about the Thrill to entertain you while it is charging…

  • Has a quiet and powerful motor which effectively conducts power throughout the length of the vibrator. The manual maintains that there is only one motor but the power it generates makes you think there’s one in each “arm”.
  • Offers 8 different vibratory patterns to “Thrill” you which are easily controlled via a single button housed in the tip of the handle for easy operation.
  • Is fully waterproof for added bathroom pleasure should you wish to engage in some water sports fun.  😉
  • Due to the use of modern battery technology there is no need to fully drain and recharge your We-Vibe Thrill.  A full charge is normally up to 1 ½ hours but you can give it a quick boost with just a 15 minute top-up.  Once fully charged your vibrator will give you up to 2 hours service.
  • Power can be terminated in an emergency, such as kids entering your room.  Simply hold and press the power button for 2 seconds for the vibrator to cut off.
  • The Thrill remembers the last vibratory setting you were using which is useful if you have a favourite, saves you working your way through all the settings to arrive at the one you want.  A very useful feature.  😉
  • To give you an idea of the Thrill’s awesome power it ranges from 3000RPM to 4800RPM at it’s highest setting.

So you’ve now read about this vibrators finest points, I suppose you ought to see its dimensions by comparison to the We-Vibe.

We-Vibe And We-Vibe Thrill Comparison
We-Vibe And We-Vibe Thrill Comparison

You can clearly see the difference in size between the We-Vibe and the We-Vibe Thrill here.

Now for the fun part.  That amber charging light has gone out and my green light has come on, follow me to the boudoir…

Don’t worry about pulling the curtains today, it’s like pea soup out there could watch porn without anyone being able to see the television from the pavement outside.  And as it happens I’ve got some rather naughty amateur action in there from my previous DVD review.

I’ll just fast forward it to a good bit of girl on girl action bear with me.  😉

Take a seat over there it’s more comfortable if you sit in that chair and the view is good too.

After slipping out of my jeans and panties I’m ready for a quickie.  I know from experience that this kind of shiny silicone can snag and pull your more delicate areas so lube will be required for this one.

I retrieve my trusty water based high performance lube from my bedside draws and apply an ample amount, ensuring that I covered the insertable tip of the Thrill.  Laying back on top of the duvet I eagerly part my legs placing the sole of my feet together.  A comfortable position for clit and pussy play.

The girls and getting down and dirty and I’m eager to join them as they encouragingly moan their pleasure to each other.

Slipping the tip of the Thrill inside me couldn’t have been easier and it seemed to “lock & load” as it hooked in and ground against my g-spot aided by the flexible arm between the control unit and the business end.

I found that when I sat up the Thrill was eager to stay in place which is good if you fancy a bit of upright pussy grinding which I briefly tried out on the mattress before coming to rest on my back once again.

After working my way through several vibratory patterns until I found one which made me go Uhmmm I started to experiment with moving the Thrill around over my clitoris as the g-spot stimulation hit the spot a little too well making me want to pee.  A good sign really.  Lol

Moments later I found it.  Moving the head of the clit vibe vertically up and down between my labia minora gave me the greatest pleasure.  It combined clitoral stimulation with g-spot the perfect combination.

Just minutes later I was squirming and twitching shouting unmentionable expletives as I came.  Your work is done “Thrill”…yes you did…

This vibe hits the make in so many ways but the best one is the fact that it is so configurable that any shape of woman would find it easy to insert, wear and use.  Along with both experienced and inexperienced users.  This vibrator encourages women to experiment and find what they like best.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.