Lelo Personal Moisturiser
Lelo Personal Moisturiser

I don’t often tend to test and sex toy review a lubricant but I couldn’t resist trying out Lelo’s latest personal moisturiser.  As with all things Lelo I had great expectations as their products are usually high quality and their failure rate with me is zero.

As with all Lelo products their packaging is classy.  Your personal moisturiser is contained within a stylish matt and gloss black box.  Now we come to the bottle itself, it reminds me of a 1940’s art deco bottle, which is black glass not the usual plastic, giving a feel of decadence from the moment you slip it from its sexy dark packaging.

Before slicking up I’ll give you a rundown on this quality personal lubricant.

  • Is a water based formula therefore it can be used with all types of toys.
  • Doesn’t contain glycerine or parabens and is hypoallergenic.
  • Its formula is non greasy and long lasting with added aloe vera to moisturise.
  • In an easy to use pump dispenser.
  • Unscented and flavour free.
  • It doesn’t mater if you get a little enthusiastic with the pump as the formula is non marking.

I tested the 150ml version of the product but you can also buy Lelo Personal Moisturiser in 75ml tubes for ease of storage or for travel.

There are certain qualities I look for in a good lube.

  • I try to steer clear of glycerine I don’t react well to it.
  • Depending on usage it’s good if the lube has a viscosity which enables it to cling to toys or even more if you are using it for anal play.
  • Staying power is all important, you don’t want to be half way through a bit of self pleasure and have things dry up on you.
  • Then finally, I give consideration to the feel of the lubricant on your skin post sex or toy play.  I don’t want to be left feeling sticky.

We all need a little lubrication from time to time.  I find at particular times of the month it’s nice to use a drop to avoid friction during intercourse and it’s great for clitoral play.  It also enhances sensation when using toys for clitoral play.

And that’s exactly what I used it for.  I found a small drop applied to my clit vibe completely coated the contact surfaces, you really don’t need much at all which makes it a very economical lubricant.

Just like the Duracell bunny this lube went on and on so much so that by my third clitoral orgasm it was still slick and ready to go.  Unfortunately I wasn’t, my clit was overly sensitive and another would have sent me crazy.  😉

I removed the excess from myself as I wallowed in the post orgasmic haze.  When I finally had the resolve to move I ran my fingers over my pussy, the final test.  It wasn’t at all sticky and felt soft and smooth, just the way a quality lube should leave you feeling.

The Lelo Personal Moisturiser may not be as cheap as some of its competitors but you have to pay for quality and because of the small amount required and lack of need for reapplication it’s well worth the investment.

An essential for the toy box.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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