Lelo Gigi 2
Lelo Gigi 2

It’s been a while since I first tested and reviewed the Lelo Gigi Vibrator. I had to check to remind myself just how long. It was way back in 2008 to be precise, when I was relatively new to sex toy testing.

All of which now conspire to give me a balanced view of the latest incarnation of this revered sex toy. Others have aspired to be like Lelo’s pleasure objects but have fallen short of the quality and dependability of this company’s products.

I can confidently say that their products have been replicated by more sex toy manufacturers than any other. And for very good reason, Lelo have earned themselves a reputation for quality and performance that any other competitor would covet.

“My Precious!” lol

So what’s new about the Lelo Gigi 2. Well, this foxed me for a while until I compared the Gigi’s looks and features. Bearing in mind that I had to climb up in to the loft for my version 1 and had to read through my review and a few others to get a perspective.

For the purposes of this review I will give you a comparison of aesthetics followed by functionality.

So how has she changed in the looks department?

The ABS handle now carries the LELO insignia, CE mark which assures buyers it complies with current EU regulations with regard to sales of vibrators and a warning that the vibrator should not be disposed of with normal household refuse.

Gone is the wieldy silicone plugged jack point which would constantly reveal itself during handling. Now the charging point is open and yet still waterproof.

The control panel appears to be marginally larger but that could be an optical illusion due to the more subdued coloration of the outer ring.

Overall the finish of this later version is more refined. The ABS plastic handle is bonded with a more seamless result. The shaft contours are more smoothed and the finish feels less resistant, being satin rather than suede to the touch. The metal collar between the vibrator’s shaft and handle is less obtrusive and streamlined.

And how has her performance been enhanced?

At first it was difficult for me to find Gigi 2’s upgrades but as I read back through my review, the scant literature I was provide with and online reviews I discovered there were very few differences between this version and the original. I have listed them below.

With improved battery technology a 2 hour charge will now offer up to 4 hours of play, whereas the original was capable of offering 1.5 hours. An improvement that users will really appreciate.

Now offering 8 vibratory modes instead of the original 5 is sure to be a pleaser as there is more opportunity for users to find the one which presses their buttons.

One improvement I was really hoping for was that the Gigi 2 would offer more power. Unfortunately that isn’t the case. But that said, they have worked on the other key areas of importance, battery longevity and functions. So let’s applaud their diligence. However, their long term plans should be focused on improving power. Let’s face it the reason that the Hitachi Magic Wand is so acclaimed is down to the vibratory power it offers.

Maybe that’s for another day. But for now I should give the Gigi 2 the respect she deserves and take her to the bedroom to show her a good time. 😉

I tried inserting the Gigi without lube as I was quite moist but the resistance was too much and I conceded and drizzled a small drop of lube on the tip and ran it around the end of my vibe to facilitate smooth insertion.

Before penetration I had memorised the correct key presses, left for increasing the vibrations and 6 o clock for modes. I slipped the Gigi inside me and pressed the left + button to move through the vibratory strength.

At max the constant speed setting felt good and the “hook up” felt good as I attempted to remove the Gigi from its grounding against my frontal vaginal wall, or g-spot as it’s known. 😉 I enjoyed the powerful vibratory modes bringing me closer to orgasm but I wanted to try the clitoral pleasure of the Gigi.

Withdrawal of the Gigi from my cavern had me hyper stimulated, just waiting for the next big thing. I hoped that she would be as stimulating externally as she was internally.

As I hovered, then lowered the Leo Gigi over my anticipatory clitoris I shuddered. The vibrations were certainly hitting the spot. 😉 the flat tip was enveloping my little pink bud and my toes were curling. Moments later it was game over and I was laying on the bed sweaty, flushed and sated.

The Lelo Gigi is a girl which is aims to please. She is a good vibrator for all levels of user because her dimensions aren’t too challenging and she hooks right in to that g-spot.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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