JimmyJane Form 6 G3
JimmyJane Form 6 G3

I opened my mailbox to be greeted by an invitation to try out the upgraded version of the Jimmyjane Form 6 vibrator.  Now, what else could I say but yes.  My last encounter with the Form 6 was way back in 2009 and as I recall it rocked my world.

But technology has moved on since then so how would this 2012 version fare up against today’s pleasure objects?

For now let’s focus on the improvements which have been made since my last encounters with the Form 6.  As I recall the charging base wasn’t very practical with contact between the conductive parts being flaky to say the least.  Although I know this was addressed in a later upgrade which I didn’t have the pleasure of reviewing I can only compare between my original encounter and now.

I found the charging base more compact and practical, easier to use than the previous model with sprung contacts to make the connection more reliable – but the actual instructions were lacking.  Nowhere could I find information on power level indicator lights.  The pictoral manual, whilst good at imparting information regarding multi zone charging and that a full charge is 8 hours did not indicate what you should look for in terms of your vibrator being fully charged.

I mounted my Form 6 on its charging base ensuring that contact was made with the brushed stainless collar and lights either side of the + symbol illuminated which was fine but after more than 12 hours charging the same lights were still displayed.  This made me think, was the Form 6 fully charged when it arrived?  Or is there no differential between charging and fully charged?  Which of course would not be a good idea.

( I searched on both Jimmyjane’s site and the Internet and couldn’t find any information regarding charge indication.)

Either way I decided to continue with my review regardless.

Listening to Pink on YouTube and slightly distracted by imaging what I would like to be doing with her I washed my Jimmyjane Form 6 with anti-bac soap.  Do you think that she would want to adopt the Domme roll?  If so I would have to engage in a power struggle with her.  😉

I’m a bit of a switch, no let me rephrase that…I’m a Switch!  Love the power exchange!  Hahaha.

Whilst I dry off the Form 6 here are some points of interest…

  • Offers dual motors for simultaneous vaginal and clitoral stimulation.
  • Is reasonably quiet for the power to noise ratio.
  • Is fully submersible for cleansing and bath friendly play.
  • Has cordless recharging via its compact charging station a new feature.
  • A full charge offers up to 6+ hours of pleasure.
  • Is travel enabled with a universal power adapter, a new feature.
  • The digital vibration modes offer 5 x power levels and 6 x vibration patterns.
  • Has a new interface and power buttons for ease of use a new feature.

With a digital travel lock you can be assured not to have any embarrassing moments during travel a new feature.

The internal memory ensures that your last and most probably favourite setting is accessed as soon as you turn on.

Its dimensions are 6.8″ x 1.7″ at widest point (17.3 x 4.3cm).

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My PC continued to work its way through Pink’s playlist as I slipped under the duvet.  My Form 6 was still warm from its cleansing and I applied a little lube to the tip to ease the bulbous base inside me.  The tip felt cool as it made contact with my fleshy lips and pushed against my opening.

It disappeared inside me with a natural glide and suction and landed against my g-spot.  It was then that it occurred to me.  The controls were now inside me, most probably covered in lube and I needed to turn it on.  Not a great design idea but I had some loo roll to hand to wipe the controls clean.

I retracted the Jimmyjane Form 6 and wiped the lubed control panel then from “button memory” pressed the + control nearest me, firing the vibe in to action.  The rotational vibration at the tip and base was different and enjoyable.  😉

May I add at this point the modes of vibration including isolation of either of the ends are excellent.  What I did have a problem with was positive selection when in use.  The buttons do seem to be small and sometimes difficult to target when in situ.

This vibrator fitted me perfectly and did exactly what a good vibe does.  It sits in place when you are hands free because it locks in to position.  I found that the curved tip of the clitoral stimulator pressed perfectly against my clitoris and all it needed was a gentle side to side roll with my index finger.

I was in fucking heaven…

Minutes later I was arching my back in to the mattress and bucking as I felt the sweet release of my orgasm and the release of the day’s tension.

In my humble opinion the Jimmyjane Form 6 G3 is a vibrator designed to fit a woman’s anatomy and offers vibratory pleasures beyond the capabilities of most vibrators on the market.  I know it isn’t a cheap vibrator but what price such exquisite pleasure.

This vibrator offers something to seasoned users like myself and the slimmer end to sex toy newbies but don’t expect the clitoral contact from the slim end that you get with the wider one.  Using the Jimmyjane the slimmer way again gives good G spot stimulation but not the same clitorally.  The more substantial end doesn’t have a curve to satisfy like the narrow end but may be just the thing for some users.  😉






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