Fun Factory Cobra Libre
Fun Factory Cobra Libre

Male sex toys and cars. Two things that are of course not so far apart in the male psyche. It’s therefore no surprise that in this sex toy review there will be a lot of car talk though the emphasis will definitely be on the sex toy review and not the Top Gear style big kids in big motors style of review.

It’s every schoolboy’s dream car – the AC Cobra. A vehicle transformed by the replacement of its original straight six Bristol motor by increasingly powerful Ford V8s and with a distinctive shape that means its appearance on any street turns heads. The same is true of the Fun Factory Cobra Libre Male Stimulator. It takes obvious design queues from the AC Cobra, the shape of the opening so very reminiscent of the gaping air intake at the front of the AC. The rear of the Cobra Libre echoes the wheels of a car and the twin motors that drive the Cobra have to be experienced to be believed.

Fun Factory are so into the car motif for the product that they have produced this video. ( note the AC Cobra like badge in the top right corner of the video)

OK, to the review proper.

Don’t think that this is a masturbator. The Cobra Libre is a penis stimulator. So what’s the difference?

Well, there are hundreds of different masturbators for men on the market and they all have one thing in common, you put all or at least a significant part of your penis inside them. The stimulation you experience is due to the materials from which they are constructed, their design and the way in which you use them. Some have vibrators, some have ribs and nobly bits inside but none of them is like the Cobra Libre.

The Fun Factory Cobra Libre works by allowing you to push the tip of your penis into the toy and working its magic on the head of your cock. The toy is made from hard plastic except for the opening for your penis which is moulded from soft silicone and does stretch to accommodate your glans. Once inside you are pressed against a transverse ridge which firmly contacts your frenulum.

The Cobra is operated by the use of two slide controls and an on-off button. These controls are simply indentations in the case of the device down which you slide your fingers and allow you to operate the two vibrating motors (which I’m sure Fun Factory would prefer me to call engines) independently. This gives a huge range of intense and pulsing vibrations.

I didn’t know what to expect when I tried the Cobra and what I experienced was as unique as the toy itself. The intensity was incredible, I spent several minutes with my eyes rolled back into my head adjusting and readjusting the Cobra while Suze looked on, a little bemused because of the unique way in which you use the Cobra Libre. There’s no pumping and thrusting as with a conventional masturbator as I mentioned above.

Eventually I stopped the toy and Suze asked “Wasn’t it very good?”.  I simply asked her to masturbate me while I enjoyed the tingling and buzzing from a frenulum that seemed electrified and glans that were buzzing.

Suze grasped my cock and began to slowly bring me to orgasm. However much to her surprise after only a few strokes I came, covering her hand and my stomach in semen.

The Cobra Libre is a great sex toy – I think. I did have problems with the model I had, which I think may be due to it being an early model.  I hope so because getting the device to the point where I could use it took some patience.

The Cobra is a “Click n Charge” model designed to be used with their magnetically fixed two pole charging system. The charger doesn’t sit well at all on the toy and you have to jiggle it about a lot to make a decent contact. Once charging don’t sneeze near it or the contact will be broken and you’re back to fiddling again. More worryingly my unit doesn’t hold its charge. I charged it one day meaning to use it the following evening and the blessed thing had gone flat. It also kept turning itself on during its charging cycle – all of which makes me think it’s faulty.

When I did realise it would not hold charge I charged it immediately prior to use – not very good for a bit of spontaneous solo fun – and then found that occasionally the controls would not respond consistently which  spoilt my fun somewhat.

To summarise, this is a great toy, innovative in design and amazingly good at stimulating your penis. I’m going to contact Fun Factory in the New Year and see if they can send me a replacement unit as I think this one has to be faulty – I have never had problems with a Fun Factory toy before.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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