Tokyo Design Kawii Tongue Tip Vibrator
Tokyo Design Kawii Tongue Tip Vibrator

And that’s quite a mouthful.  Lol  But that’s exactly how it should make you feel when you use it I suppose.  Just like you’re being orally stimulated by a lover.

I’m fast becoming a Tokyo Design convert, this is my second product of theirs and I love their presentation which places their products right up there with other mid-ranged products.

In my opinion the black matt outer sleeve complete with product image and multi lingual bullet points could be dispensed with because the simple inner white box with silver embossed logo is far more attractive.

Perhaps they could feature just a small image of the product within on the front of this box, save on packaging costs and give an immediate impression of quality to the buyer.

OK, enough of me being picky.  Lol

The sturdy matt white box is held fast with a side mounted magnetic clasp.   Once the lid is flipped over your silicone Kawii Tongue Tip Stimulator is revealed held secure in its dense foam, velveteen mount.  Its petite and pretty, featuring a flower shaped control button in the ABS plastic base.

Below the white velveteen interior you will find a couple of easy to follow leaflets, one advising on charging your Kawaii Tongue Tip and how to use it, your charging base and USB lead.

Yes, this little beauty is rechargeable!  No batteries to go hunting around for.  Great.

The information leaflet advises to charge for 2 hours, when I first plugged it in both a green and a red light illuminated, this switched to red.  I’m not sure what colour they should change to once the vibrator is fully charged but I’ll let you know, in the meantime here’s a little more information about the Kawii Tongue Tip Rotational Stimulator.

  • Is operated via a single button interface.  Simply press to work your way through 8 stimulating rotational moves.  You can terminate rotation by holding the flower button in for more than 2 seconds for quick shut off.
  • Can be enjoyed in the bathroom because it’s waterproof, making shower time more fun.  😉
  • A full charge takes just 2 hours.
  • Offers 8 rotation patterns for you to savour.

I checked my vibe after more than 2 hours on charge and it was still showing a red light, regardless I decided to carry on with my review given that it should now be fully charged according to the manual.

A quick wash with anti-bac soap saw my Tokyo Design Kawaii Tongue Tip Rotational Stimulator…let me just get my breath…

…ready for play.  🙂

Curtains closed I lay back with Ministry Of Sound Anthem Electronic 1980’s no 1 CD in the drive and I immediately felt like I was back in the day as Black Man Ray burst out from the bijous TV speakers.  So it wasn’t full surround sound but it was enough to put me in the mood for some fun.

My vibe was patiently awaiting my attention on top of my chest of drawers and I was happy to oblige as I reclined, legs akimbo on top of the duvet.  The reason for my daring, the bedroom window was closed and the heating had been on full.

I applied a small blob of lube to the tip of the vibe being aware that for some reason my moisture levels were low before applying the tip to my clitoris.  I pressed the control button, then again, the vibrations were ok but not quite intense enough for my desires.

So I pressed again but still I wasn’t quite “getting it”.  I pressed the button once more and still I didn’t quite “get it”.  Determined to crack this nut I laid the base of the Tokyo Design Kawaii Tongue Tip on my pussy and…WHAM BAM!  That was it.

Feeling the vibration from the full length of the vibrator made all the difference.  I was so close to calling time on this vibrator but it all came down to orientation in the end.  The intensity of vibration can be better felt when the vibe is flat against the pudenda.

I was now ready to play.

A slight movement up and down to add to the revolutionary stimulation was all that was required to get me off.  It took a little longer because the constant speeds needed to be concentrated on rather than the modes which to be quiet honest didn’t work.

With this particular motion, speed is the key.

Being one not to give up I persisted with the constant speeds available and a slight up/down movement soon had me toes curling skyward.

This one is a curious one.  I would recommend this to new to intermediate users, anyone more demanding would find it a little subdued having said that mild stimulation may be just what you’ve been looking for.



By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.