Multi Wanachi Massager
Multi Wanachi Massager

When I asked for the Wanachi vibrator to be sent out to me for review I had no idea how big it was.  I’ve tried and tested the over sized option of this type of massager the Hitachi Magic Wand and wasn’t impressed at its cumbersome size.  As I like to refer to it, it’s like taking a sledge hammer to crack a nut in terms of clitoral stimulation but it’s one hell of a back massager which is the only thing I use mine for these days.

The Wanachi falls somewhere in the middle in terms of size, not being as large as the Hitachi but not as small as the Fairy Wand I have tested.  It falls between the two and therefore appears to be ideal for both jobs and comes complete with interchangeable heads.

I’ve also experienced the Hitachi’s interchangeable heads which were made of some form of gel which had a nasty smell and stickiness about it that just put me right off.  Not so with the heads for the Multi Wanachi, they are twice as good, being made of ABS plastic for rigidity and coated in silicone for body friendly play.

And Pipedream have taken the whole interchangeable head thing one step further and made them screw on so they remain secure and carry the vibrations better than a soft headed vibrator.

Overall I was impressed with the build quality and the fact that this battery operated toy unlike its bigger counterpart can be used in water.  Try that with a Hitachi Magic Wand and your bathtime will never be the same again, illuminating!  Lol

I’ll go and wash the Wanchi down whilst you read the important bits.

The Multi Wanachi offers…

  • Multi speed vibrations, 9 in total.
  • 3 interchangeable heads for targeted pleasure.
  • Easy to operate with a simple push button control.
  • Is easy to position with its flexible head.
  • Is waterproof for a little bathroom pleasure.
  • Is operated via 2 x C batteries.

I decided to go with the head which resembled my favourite Muppet, Gozon.  Lol  The hooked shaped probe looked like it would possibly double up as a shallow vaginal massager as well as a clit vibe.

To take full advantage of my new toy I ran a bath and slipped in to the warm water retrieving the Wanachi from the side of the bath.  It soon took on the warmth of the water and I introduced the tip to my clit, rubbing it gently up and down over my fleshy hood.

Several presses of the control took my massager in to a vibratory pattern which soon had my clit pulsing.  How good did it feel to be caressed by the fragrant warm water whilst my clit was being teased with the powerful vibrations.

I ran the head of the Wanachi down to my opening and attempted to push the tip in and much to my dismay the angle of the tip wasn’t quite right and stopped the head penetrating me.  Shame I would have liked to feel the head massage my vaginal opening.

Back to the clit it was.  I settled down against the end of the bath once more and with eyes closed I ran the hook of the head up and down my clitoral hood between my puffy labia.  It felt good., as the curved tip nuzzled between my pussy lips.

The combined weight of the Wanachi and the vibratory pattern soon had my tingling from top to toe and release was imminent.  I pushed my feet against the bottom of the bath as I tilted my pelvis upwards. Pressing my clit firmly against the tip of the vibrator.

With the applied pressure the vibrations were even more enhanced and I found myself spasming as my orgasm gripped me.  I now had both hands on my massager, keeping it firmly in place over my throbbing clit.  As my little pink bud became post orgasmicaly sensitive I had to turn off my Wanachi and remove it from between my legs.

This vibrator is not the smallest I’ve used but it is versatile with its interchangeable heads and would suit all levels of user because you only need to take things as far as you like.  I will certainly be testing the other beaded head which looks like it would be more suited to vaginal penetration than the one I tested and then there is another head for later…



By Suze

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