Lelo Alia Vibrator
Lelo Alia Vibrator

I’m always assured when I do a Lelo sex toy review that I’m going to have a pleasurable experience with one hell of a classy lady.  The Lelo Insignia Alia is one of the latest exquisite massagers to be added to the dynasty of undeniably aesthetically pleasing bedroom companions.

The ovoid shaped vibe promises a variety of applications for both him and her.  The golden, easy grip core of the Alia makes it easy to hold and manipulate and the simplified controls intuitively operational.  Having just 3 tactile buttons Lelo’s latest Insignia range, which includes the Lelo Alia are easier to operate and control without the aide of mental mapping which was a requirement with previous products.

I found the cutout centre of the Alia irresistible and just had to stick a couple of fingers in their as if simulating intercourse in a rather juvenile fashion.  I’m sure that move would cum in handy later in this review.  😉

But before I get down and dirty I need to point out a few notable points, mainly that the Lelo Alia Vibrator is presented in a classy hessian effect matt black box.  The Lelo emblazoned presentation box exudes quality, when the lid is removed the velveteen inner beautifully displays the Lelo Alia, charger and exclusive Insignia brooch.

This would make the ideal Christmas present for a friend or love one and because it doesn’t fall in to the familiar sex toy genre would be perfect for a sex toy first timer.

But enough of me exalting the qualities of the Lelo Alia, here are the hard facts courtesy of my magnifying glass.  A compact manual requires good eye sight.  Lol

  • Just two hours of charge gives up to 4 hours of pleasure and a standby time of 90 days.
  • Has easy to operate controls one for mode and the others up and down through the speeds.
  • Offers 6 modes of vibration and several intensities, you’re sure to find one which works wonders on you.  😉
  • Is ergonomically shaped making it easy to hold and operate.
  • As with all of Lelo’s latest range your toy is also covered by a 1 year warranty.
  • And best of all it’s whisper quiet but oooh, so powerful.  😉

From the moment I released my Lelo Alia from her box I knew we were going to be become good friends.  She feels so good to hold with her peachy soft skin and curvaceous form.  We were only separated briefly while she quietly charged in a corner of my room.

I was in the grip of a bad cold and needed some sucker, to be pampered, pleasured and Lelo Alia had been sent to be that sexual nourishment I longed for in spite of my pyrexia.

The hours passed and I unplugged my Lelo Alia and escorted her to my bed.  We both slipped under the covers where she disappeared between my thighs to warm up in readiness for our intimate afternoon of fun.

It felt natural to slip my fingers in to her “hole” making her mine and ready to do my bidding.  I eased her between my labia where she sat comfortably nuzzled against my clitoris.  With ease I digitally made my way through her modes to an escalating mode which brought a smile to my lips.

My clitoris was resonating with a pleasurable thrum, an orgasm inducing vibratory overture.  I pressed my buttocks back in to the mattress, slightly tilting my pubis upwards presenting my clit to the Lelo Alia.  Heart pumped, cheeks flushed, clitoris engorged as my pretty vibe worked her magic.

I was moments away from submission as I added a rotational movement with my fingers in an inverted “Come hither motion”.  This rolled the ovoid vibe from tip to middle, massaging my swollen bud and was all I needed to tip me over the edge.

My moans were clearly audible in the quiet of my bedroom on that snowy morning and do you know what…I didn’t care.  😉

Lelo Alia Vibrator Summary

Guys, If you are looking for a naughty little present for Christmas the Lelo Alia Vibrator is a must or even girls if you want to treat yourself.  This vibrator is perfect for all levels of toy user, from amateur to professional like me.  And if you forget to put it away and accidentally leave it on the coffee table nobody will guess where it’s been.  lol


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.

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