PicoBong Honi
PicoBong Honi

This is the final sex toy review for the PicoBong range sent to me recently by Lelo.  It’s an elongated egg which looks like it would sit nicely between the pussy lips.

The Honi is 85% silky silicone capped with an ABS plastic cap which encloses the battery housing and it is finished off with a retrieval hoop.

Controls for the Honi, like the other products in this range are secreted within the company name that’s moulded onto the side of the bullet.  A great idea apart from when they are on the shaft of the product you are inserting but not in this particular case as it’s an egg/bullet.

Having worked my way through the vibratory patterns, this vibe seems to be quite powerful for it’s AAA battery power.  An economical toy to run with very little residual noise, which is good for some stealth play when perhaps you have visitors…or even at work.  😉

I decided to take the Honi on a drive in to the countryside to keep me company on a long weekend at a porn shoot but first here are the Honi’s stats…

  • Runs on just one AAA battery for up to 2 hours.
  • Has a smooth and tactile velvety silicone finish.
  • Operates via easy to operate + & – controls on the shaft.
  • Is waterproof for bathroom pleasure.
  • Offers 12 vibratory patterns so there is sure to be something to please.
  • Is small and discreet for a little playtime on the go.  The Honi will slip in to a purse, handbag or golvebox quite easily.

I decided as the Honi was so small to pack it away in my cosmetics bag to take with me to the porn shoot for a little fun away from home.  As it happened it didn’t take long for it to make an appearance.

We checked in at the countryside hotel and went up to our room.  The hotel wasn’t the most modern we had stayed in but it had a certain charm we both found endearing.  It had taken us about 3 hours to get there and by the time we arrived it was just shy of dinner time.

After unpacking we both lay on top of the bead sheets to take recharge for a few minutes before freshening for dinner.  Through the open window we could hear the last of the day’s birdsong…

After an hour but it seemed like minutes we both awoke to the realisation that we better make a move.  Alex rolled off the see saw mattress which seems to be standard to hotels these days.  Lol  And he made his way to the bathroom for a quick pre dinner shower.

I felt so relaxed laying on the bed that it seemed the perfect opportunity to take advantage of the delights on offer by my Honi Mini Vibe.  After retrieving my vibrator from my cosmetic bag I slipped out of my jeans and lay on top of the bed once more.

In the distance I could hear Alex whistling something as the water slapped against the sides of the bath.  Don’t you just love the power of hotel showers?

The trip had tired me and I just couldn’t be bothered to animated.   I Pushed the + button until I reached a good throbbing mode on the Honi and inserting my middle finger inside the retrieval loop I pushed it inside me.

Once inside I could feel the vibrations ripple through my vaginal walls but it was a matter of seconds before the Honi was being ejected by my vaginal muscles.

My backup plan was to deploy the tip of this vibe on to my swollen clitoris.  Still moist from being inside my cunt I placed the rounded tip of this vibe against my receptive clit.  The vibrations travelled through my little bundle of nerves, making me horny, ready for action.

The vibratory power may work for some but for me I had to add a little something to tip me over the edge.  And that was movement.  I soon discovered that a circular motion of the tip against my sensitive nub was just what the doctor ordered.

My toes curled downward and my back arched in preparation for the tidal wave of pleasure yet to engulf me.  😉  The tingling started in my toes and fingers, swiftly followed by my spine and then it happened.

It seemed like hours but must have been just minutes as he walked out the bathroom dressed only in  a bath towel taking in the scene before him…

The Honi is a toy which can be enjoyed equally by the novice or the sex toy pro with a little innovation.  It’s economical to run and fun to use by all levels of user.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.