Confessions Of  London Spank Daddy
Confessions Of London Spank Daddy

I don’t read as many books as I used to or as many as perhaps I should. However I was given a copy “True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy” by Xcite Books to review. I’m very glad they did. It’s not the sort of title that I would have gone for on the news stand or at the book sellers.

The book’s by an author calling himself Peter Jones. I assume that’s not his real names as although it’s relatively common his primary career is in the legal profession and I’m sure that being known as a spanko would not do his practice much good. Although you never know.

Jones is in his 50s and appears to be a product of the end of the Grammar school era in the UK. Corporal punishment was still administered by head teachers at the time he was in education and he states that his predilection for spanking derives from there.

The book is divided into three sections. The first is the author’s notes, second chapters which consist of short spanking stories which can be read on their own or as a whole, and finally and “About The Author” section which may have been written to precede the stories but sensibly was moved to the end of the book. I say sensible as it allows the book to gain momentum and doesn’t hold you back from the real substance of the writing. The about the author is interesting, but simply serves to confirm what you will gather from reading the stories.

Each chapter forms a self-contained spanking tale. They each have their own flavour and despite being a non-spanko I found all of them arousing to some degree. A couple of the scenarios were a little clichéd, so I found myself wondering how much of the book was true to life and how much was embroidered by the author.

However the plain fact is that in many respects such supposition is irrelevant because each story worked. So whether they represent actual events is not relevant.

I have a few criticisms of the writing style, they detracted from my enjoyment of the book a little but not enough to make me put it down. At one point there was an over-emphasis on the importance of consent being given before and during the scenes. Stating this once or twice would have been enough but I found it laboured over at points. Maybe the author felt nervous that people new to spanking and discipline in sexual play needed to be educated, but it did grate after a while.

Occasionally I found the narrative a little lacking in variety. Jones seems to have certain tastes and knows what turns him on, but a little more depth to the descriptions and detail, particularly in the scenes involving actual sex would make the book a much more powerful, sexually charged read.

Finally, my last criticism, I don’t like being called “Dear reader”. The first time the book addressed me as such I shuddered, by the tenth I wanted to Tippex the words from the pages. Just one of my pet hates.

The book’s triumph is that it made me, someone who (up to now at least) derived no sexual thrill from the idea of spanking and caning alone, aroused. Not all the stories contained sex and yet I was turned on by the scenes they described.

The really successful stories managed to arouse me with their descriptions on the protagonists and how they dealt with their encounters with Jones. In particular I’m thinking of a couple who enlist his help to correct an errant wife, in the chapter named “Angela”.

If you want to begin to understand how a Spank Daddy operates “True Confessions of a London Spank Daddy” is a good place to start. It’s a surprising and interesting read. But I feel there is a better book in the author and encourage him to write the next volume of memoirs that he alludes to in this book. With more detailed descriptions and by conveying the emotions of the players with more force it will make a great read.

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