Film Erotica DVDs don’t look like other DVDs on the market, well not from the outside anyway. The cover pictures do not feature busty babes sucking cock or pouting at the camera. They are covered with small-ish almost abstract images that allude to the theme of the movie inside, set on a solid coloured ground. This makes the movies stand out from the rest of those on offer in your local adult store and promises something a bit different inside too.

Made In Italy is different, but in all honesty in some ways I wish it hadn’t been so different.

The title features a group of young girls in a villa in Italy, on holiday. Each of the scenes follows a similar pattern. Girls get frisky, with each other or a bloke, they then enlist more girls and occasionally an extra cock into the action and get jiggy with each other and the guys.

Unfortunately there simply is not the intimacy that you’d feel in a one-on-one scene or the frantic fuck-fest that a gang bang would normally have. There’s nothing wrong with the girls they are all very attractive and there will be several to suite all tastes. The guys are presentable and the setting is beautiful.

The problem is I don’t believe it. Yes I know this is porn but if you try to script a scenario then make it plausible. The acting’s a bit ropey, but this is a porn movie; What I object to is that in my experience I have (for example) never been cutting the hedge and had eight girls jump on my cock and lez-it-up around me while I shag my way through the octet.

Fewer girls at a time and more thoughtful shooting would have made this movie. However the director seems to have taken the view that “I’ve paid for these performers I want them all in every shot”. The result being that there are very few close-up shots, the framing is more panoramic than personal and you feel as if you’re stood at the back of the room and keep reaching for the opera glasses.

In summary, the movie is a missed opportunity. The models are young, fresh and on the whole natural. They have enthusiasm and are very easy on the eye. Sadly the constant parade of group scenes where multiple girls fight for the attention of one or two men is not at all convincing or erotic. That is quite an achievement considering the quality of the female performers.

More intimate camera work and better direction would have saved this movie from the flaws I have listed above, but as it is I can only imagine the movie that might have been.

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By Alex

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