Blush G Rabbit Vibrator
Blush G Rabbit Vibrator

This vibrator is very much an old school rabbit vibrator but has a twist, a small bullet vibrator mounted on the shaft for additional stimulation. What a great idea! A little extra buzz where you need it. 😉

The shaft is made from soft and yielding TPR which is body friendly and pleasantly soft to the touch. The G Rabbit has an ample girth and a slight g-spot tip to ensure that you get that “full” feeling when you are penetrated.

With a double set of rotating beads which counter-rotate you should find a rotational setting and speed to make you tremble. The G Rabbit offers multiple speeds to amplify your pleasure. What more could a girl want?

G Rabbit’s control panel is straight forward, you have an independent On/Off switch which facilitates quick termination should it be required, a 7 function selection and up and down speed settings. But despite the simple controls, an achievement for such and elaborate sex toy, when used blind (ie inserted) you cannot distinguish the buttons as they are flush with the rest of the control panel. The G Rabbit would benefit from a slight modification, subtly raised buttons, to facilitate unsighted fingertip control.

The base of the control panel screws off to release the battery compartment with its battery carier which is easy to load and push back inside, when secured in place by the base plate the G Rabbit is waterproof.

It’s quite a while since I spent some time with an original rabbit and I’m quite excited to give this one a test drive. Whilst I slip off to the bathroom to prepare my furry friend for action here are some nibblets of information.

  • Offers 7 vibratory modes and 3 speed settings to make your toes curl.
  • Operates via 4 x AAA batteries mounted in a pull out battery carriage for quick and easy loading.
  • Has two rows of massaging beads and an additional bullet mounted on the shaft for enhanced enjoyment.
  • With a watertight seal you can enjoy play in the bedroom and bathroom let you imagination run wild.
  • Multi directional beads provide enhanced internal massage of your vaginal walls.
  • The thick shaft and g-spot curved tip aim to please the most demanding of ladies.

Right, I’m ready to go, how about you?

Let’s pull the curtains before we begin our session of debauchery…

One thing I have learned over my years of sex toy testing is that TPR toys require lube to avoid drag and I have just located a bottle in my bedside drawer.

I applied a small drop to the tip of the G Rabbit running it around the tip for ease of penetration. I shuddered slightly as the vibrator opened my inner lips and started to penetrate me. Perhaps I should have held it under the hot tap before inserting it inside me. Note for next time.

Once inside me I felt full as the clit vibe made contact with my flushed nub. It felt just like there was an ample sized cock inside me. A size I’m accustomed to. 😉

The initial chill was soon replaced with a feeling of satisfaction which was amplified as I turned the G Rabbit on and pressed the Up button a couple of times firing up the wriggling tip and rotational beads. However, this was only possible by looking down between my legs. Operating this vibrator is impossible without being able to see the control panel.

Yes this is a problem but one worth overcoming for the experience the G Rabbit has to offer. This rabbit not only offers a rotating beaded shaft and clitoral stimulator but an additional bullet vibe on the shaft and a wiggle tip to massage your vaginal walls.

Unfortunately this detracted from the experience. I found myself concentrating more on programming the G Rabbit than enjoying its delights.

Sometimes there has to be a trade off and with this vibe it’s the lack of fingertip control and the noise when in use. The G Rabbit is a powerful pleasure tool but in being so is quite noisy, so no stealth play.

The Blush G Rabbit is for seasoned users in terms of girth and usage and despite its operational noise should be indulged.

By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.