Laura Berman Juliet
Laura Berman Juliet

If you were reading here earlier in the week you will know that Suze was naughty on Wednesday and took the day off to have a bit of recuperation. Don’t tell my boss. Lol

It’s good to indulge yourself once in a while and I decided to give my new Juliet by Laura Berman a test drive. The Juliet is a “Clitoral Encaser” and you know how I love clit play. Lol

I slipped the clit vibe out of its packaging and out it popped complete with a lovely lilac gossamer bag to keep it in.

Here’s the techie stuff for you:

The Juliet is constructed from rose pink plastic with a satin finish so it doesn’t slip in your hand 😉
It measures approx 18.5cm from tip to base
The bottom unscrews to house 2 x AAA batteries
It is waterproof so you can use it anywhere
Is ergonomically designed
Adjustable speed control on base

The schoolgirl scene on the DVD featuring Alicia Rhodes started to play and so did I. 😉 Alex was at work, the cat was asleep on his bed and now it was my time.

I reached over to my bedside drawers and took the Juliet from the top. Then I tested my moisture level by running my middle finger up between my pussy lips. Already horny I really didn’t need any lube but you can use both silicone and water based with this Clitoral Encaser.

The vibe felt good to hold and warm to the touch. I placed it on the bed as I wriggled out of my jeans and removed my red t-shirt. I slipped off my panties and cast them off on to the floor to join my other clothes discarded in a heap. Now naked I slipped between the sheets.

That dirty Alicia was guiding a guy in to the naughty brunette schoolgirl laying on the desk. She is one dirty bitch. 😉 I turned the dial at the base of the vibe and guided it between my moist lips. Now, if only Alicia was here to help me out.

The vibration was good but I wanted more and turned the dial a little more. The combination of vibration and motion usually brings me off quite quickly. I located my clit with the head of the vibe and lay it over the top. Because of the length of the toy I was able to do this with ease, in fact I just laid my hand gently back on my right hip as I started to move the vibe over around my clit.

This toy is so easy to manipulate and feels very comfortable in your hand. The vibrations were now strumming around my clit, teasing it and the pulsing started. It’s not often that I stimulate any additional parts of my body but I felt like pinching my nipples.

I took hold of my pert left nipple between my thumb and index finger and squoze. Then I gently passed my palm over the top of it as it stood proud and to attention. This makes the nerve endings fire and Oooh, that felt good. 😉

I started to move the vibe around my clit, rolling it and letting the vibratory waves pulse through it. Within moments I could feel my orgasm building but I wanted to savour the moment and keep myself teetering on the edge.

This requires a fine balance between stimulation of my clit and backing off, giving chance for the pre orgasmic moment to subside. I feel the nerve endings in my feet and pelvic area, almost resonate with excitement…yes, that is exactly how it feels. Like my nerves are jangling, primed. It must be very much like a guy breaking off just before he come and then taking up his position again.

I find if I can manage to stave off my ejaculation a couple of times before I come, the intensity of the orgasm when it is finally allowed to build is so much more intense and can send you quite crazy. 😉

The tingling started in my feet and worked up through my pelvis and in to my pussy. FUCK!…I arched my back, pushing my shoulders and heels in to the mattress and held my breath as the orgasm swept over me.

I wanted to feel the intensity of orgasm again and I continued to slowly and carefully (you are quite sensitive post orgasm) stimulate my clit. One orgasm wasn’t enough. And moments later I was building for yet another and this time it was quicker arriving and just as powerful as the first.

Twitching I fell back on to the bed and drew in another post orgasmic breath…

…when I opened my eyes I was greeted by my cat, sitting on the bed next to me looking slightly bemused and interested in the buzzing sound under the covers. I don’t think mice buzz do they? How is it that cats and dogs can look at you in such an accusing way. They try to make you feel guilty so that you give them treats. Lol

I’ll remind him of that the next time he has a good clean down there.

And if you missed it you can see my video of the Juliet here.

By Suze

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