Allure Leather Whip
Allure Leather Whip

BDSM toys are an interesting area and one that we enjoy investigating when reviewing adult products. At the silly end are the fluffy handcuff restraints that are fine for a bit of fun but not good in the heights of passion as they are not versatile enough for real bondage play, and tend not to be very durable. At the other end of the scale are the very serious, very expensive and very scary instruments of BDSM play that are simply not for the beginner.

So we like to try toys that are somewhere in between. The Allure XXX Leather Whip that was sent to us certainly falls into that category.

The toy is made from very soft leather. Real leather too so you get the aroma of freshly tanned hide as soon as you open the packaging. The tails of the whip are only 30cm long, so the toy is compact and easy to store, or if you use the handy wrist strap, easy to hang on the bedpost as we do.

Yes this is one of those toys that since its arrival is kept close at hand in the AlexSuze boudoir. It’s the sign of a good toy that out of the vast array we’ve reviewed the whip has already joined the select band of bedroom essentials we have.

To understand why you have to know what the whip feels like in action.

I love playing with the whip we already have so when Suze lay on the bed and exposed her beautiful ass for a little flogging I was eager to oblige. I started by drawing the soft leather tales of the whip across her naked flesh, down her back from her shoulders and onto her buttocks. I let the tips of the whip dance a little in the cleft between her les, teasing her perineum. She likes that.

I kept this up for a while and then, when I thought she was at her ease I flicked my wrist and brought it down on her flesh with a cruel thwack. She moaned an appreciative moan.

That rather took me by surprise. Suze isn’t one to enjoy pain and that’s what I thought the swift flick of my wrist would have caused. Not the intense pain that would have signalled a bruise to come, but I did intend to send a stinging sensation across her skin.

I tried again, a little harder, then harder still. Despite the fact that I thwacked Suze as hard as I could she confirmed that the effect was still well on the pleasurable side of painful. She positively loved it when I stroked her cheek with the dangling ends of the whip too as she loves the smell of leather and drank in the aroma.

Roles reversed I experienced a similar set of sensations.

The light, almost tickling caress of the tips of the whip. Then the tingling, slightly stinging kiss of the whip as your partner brings it down hard across your skin, followed by a warm glow.

If you use the whip in a wrist-flicking figure of eight motion to flay one buttock, then the other, I’m sure you could (eventually) make your sub’s bum tender and sensitive, but it would take ages.

That’s the key to this toy. It’s virtually impossible to inflict serious pain with it. That’s not the point. It spans the gap between the cheap, effectively novelty items and full-on BDSM toys. It allows you to play and take stimulation to the edge of pain but no further.

It’s like being led to the door of a fully equipped dungeon but not being pushed through.

You can buy the Allure Triple X Leather Whip here.

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By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.