Berman Alethia
Berman Alethia

Girls do you remember as a child spending pounds on those vending machines which carried little plastic eggs containing treats? I spent most of my spending money on them, trying to get a plastic ring to wear. As a child you can forget precious metals, there is nothing to equal a nice chunky plastic ring with a faux gem mounted on it. Lol

You may be asking…”has she gone mad?”. Well, no…this is what came to mind when I opened the box to reveal my Berman Center Alethia . It looks just like one of those rings but gives a girl much more pleasure. I now refer to it as “My Precious!” 😉

Inside the neat little package was:

An expandable ring with integral twist on/off control
3 soft textured interchangeable tips
1 beautiful lilac gossamer drawstring pouch to keep your toy safe and clean inside your bag/purse
And most important of all 4 x lithium batteries. Enough for using now and an additional spare set. Very thoughtful!

The device is so simple and easy to use, no fiddling around when you need to get started. 😉

I was home from work early on Friday and after slipping out of my work clothes I decided to give it a quick try. I was going to wait until later when Alex got back but I felt a little tense, it had been a hard week at work and I just wanted to relax. And I find an orgasm one of the most enjoyable ways to unwind. That coupled with the fact that I’m a horny bitch. Lol

Panties were dispensed of and bra too. Naked I slipped between the crisp white sheets and opened the Alethia box. I had already placed the batteries in the toy the day before when examining my latest toy, or should I say regarding it impatiently as I sat at my desk giggling next to Alex.

So eager was I to get started that I didn’t even put any porn on or even the television. I placed the tapered sleeve over the tip of the vibe and it was ready to go. Suze was even more so, hehehe. I placed the ring on my middle finger with the pointed end facing inwards instead of outwards.

No need for lube, I was more than ready but just in case I spat on my left fingers and spread my saliva over my well tuned clit. I was right, it was moist there already. With one turn of the vibe tip the toy buzzed in to action and relative to the power it delivered it was quite discreetly quiet.

I placed the tip of the vibe on my labia and pushed inwards between the folds where my clit was waiting all swollen and pink. Then stage left the bloody cat walked in to the bedroom, saw me fiddling under the covers and jumped up on to me. He seemed eager to find that bumble been he could hear. Needless to say I despatched him quite quickly, there is a time and a place for pussies and I was taking care of mine first. 😉

As soon as the vibe head touched my clit it sent sparks of electricity throughout my lower body and down my legs. I started to move the noduled head from side to side over my clit using a light touch. Perfect. I started to do the Suze buttock clench and within moments I was reaching orgasm. Within less than a minute I had cum. This vibe is absolutely wonderful. No…essential is the word I was looking for.

Every woman should own one. The speed in which it brought me off is unprecedented. I couldn’t believe just how fast it worked. It had to be tried again with the other two heads! Each time it was the same, a gripping, toe curling orgasm with seconds of me applying the head to my clitoris.

For well over an hour afterwards my clit was tingling and I felt good, better than any pick me up known to man and no drugs required. 😉

I’m thinking about having a rerun during lunchtime next week as this little beauty fits so discreetly in your bag.

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