PicoBong Tano
PicoBong Tano

Any man who hasn’t tried a butt plug, especially a vibrating butt plug, during sex really needs to read this sex toy review. Stimulation of the prostate through the wall of the rectum, or P Spot as it is called intensifies sexual pleasure and indeed is very enjoyable in itself, even if you don’t reach orgasm. I say every man needs to read this sex toy review because I think any man could use and enjoy this particular vibrating butt plug and enjoy its deceptively intense stimulation.

The Tano “Plug Vibe” as the manufacturers describe it is not a large plug and is powered by one AAA battery which in my experience (and I have used a few butt plugs) can mean a mediocre experience. The Tano destroys that preconception because the size belies a very effective shape and the motor used by PicoBong is incredibly powerful considering it only uses this single battery.

Before I go any  further I’ll give you a quick run-down of features a la Suze LOL.

  • The PicoBong Tano Plug Vibe is made from an ABS plastic body, the insertable tip of which is covered in nice silky textured silicone.
  • The silicone section incorporates two buttons, “+” and “-“ which allow you to select the various intensities and one of 12 different pulsing and escalating patterns.
  • As I mentioned above the Tano Vibrating Butt Plug is powered by a single AAA battery which is inserted by unscrewing the base of the toy. This means there are no exotic batteries to buy, always a good feature.
  • The shape of the toy is smooth and without any difficult to clean angles. This makes it hygienic and comfortable to use. Even the seal between the ABS base and the silicone tip, which could have been a source of trouble made a perfect seal – I checked when cleaning after use and no moisture had made its way past the outermost of the two seals at this junction.

This is a really easy butt plug to insert, the pointed tip and gently tapering shaft meant a little anal lube was all it took to slide it slowly and gently inside. I guided the little cerise torpedo in while Suze gently rubbed my cock. The gentle massaging of my member and internally had me dripping precum in about a minute.

Hang on – I forgot! Turn on the PicoBong Tano before you start to use it. The design is clever, elegant, lovely but somewhat flawed because the controls for the butt plug are on the insertable silicone section of the toy this means of course that once inside you there’s no way to adjust the vibrations. Doh!

Now, I can understand why they have done this. To put controls on the base would have increased the complexity and therefore cost of the toy. It retails at £35 (around $50) so it’s relatively cheap for such a nice toy, moving the controls to the base would have added considerably to this price and placed it in a different sector of the market. But do remember to select your setting before you lube it up or you could see it fly across the bedroom as you attempt to press the buttons discretely hidden in the PicoBong logo on the toy. Hehehe.

I tried the toy on constant, at the highest speed setting. I normally use the pulsing modes as I find these the most stimulating but wanted to test out the assertion that this is a quite toy. What I found was that:

  • Yes it’s impressively quite.
  • The powerful vibrating motor in the tip delivers stimulation straight to your P Spot.
  • The ABS construction transmits vibration out to your anal sphincter and your perineum, even vibrating your ass cheeks too!
  • Despite its relatively small size and gentle tapering the plug stays in while you play no matter what orientation I was in.

Suze and I had great fun with her gently masturbating me while I tried different positions, each one sending zinging vibrations through my P Spot. The smile on her face as I came in a squatting position as she pumped my cock with her fist told me my enjoyment of the Tano was evident by my face and body language.

At the point of orgasm the base of the plug was drawn tight up against my ass, unlike some small designs which can actually be ejected! And the whole of my anal area throbbed in time with the muscular contractions that were sending sticky, hot cum all over Suze’s hands.

Removing the toy left a distinct “vacant” feeling in a way that I normally associate with larger sex toys. A little added bonus you might say to feel your body slowly adjust to the absence of the butt plug.

In summary I’d say this is a great toy for anyone from beginner up. It’s fun and effective, will not break the bank and except for the problem with accessibility of controls is a sex toy that’s difficult to find fault with.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.