Njoy Pfun Butt Plug
Njoy Pfun Butt Plug

The first thing to be said in this sex toy review is that that there are butt plugs and there are Njoy butt plugs.  The Njoy Pfun Plug is designed specifically for men and proves that form and function are not mutually exclusive. The Njoy Pfun Plug is made from high quality stainless steel formed into a smooth, seamless and beautiful shape. The highly polished finish emphasises the gorgeous lines of the toy and ensures it is easy to use.

From what I’ve just said you already know I’m a fan of not only this toy but every Njoy product we’ve used. The combination of high quality, an eye for design and a real understanding of how to create a sex toy can not fail to impress. I recently reviewed one of the Njoy Pure Plugs, that was great, the simplicity and perfection in its design means it will be a permanent fixture in our collection of toys. The Njoy Pfun Plug takes things a little further.

With a more complex design and aimed at men rather than the unisex design of the Pure Plug, the Njoy Pfun Butt Plug presses exactly the right button for a man when it’s in use.

The button in question is the P Spot or prostate gland if you’re not familiar with the term. The Njoy Pfun Butt Plug’s shape means that once in place it applies constant and exciting pressure to the gland from within the colon. If you haven’t tried this, alone or with a partner you really should …

I wanted to first try the Njoy Pfun Butt Plug solo as this allows me to take my time and avoids the risk of Suze jumping on me and demanding my attention. She loves to see me testing toys and loves to join in. It makes her soooo horny that she can’t control herself which is great but has truncated several sex toy reviews in the past LOL.

I left Suze writing and lay back on the bed with a towel under my ass to catch any spillages – of lube that is. All anal play requires suitable and liberal use of lubricant to make it safe and comfortable. I used a specially formulated anal lube, but any good quality lube will work. I coated the tip of the toy and circled my anus with it, coating my opening with lube and allowing my muscles to relax before I attempted to push the toy inside.

Oh, I didn’t mention that before I started I also warmed the toy by running it under the hot tap. Stainless steel sex toys are great as you can warm them up like this (or cool them down if that’s your thing) without any risk of damage to them. Once at the required temperature they retain it for a long time too. Just what you need with anal where a relaxed atmosphere with play progressing at a pace dictated by your body is what’s required.

So, where was I … I pushed the Njoy Pfun Butt Plug against my opening and it slid in with hardly any effort. This isn’t the largest of anal toys, but the ease of entry was also due to my relaxation, lube and the fact that the toy was warm. My Body didn’t feel the immediate need to reject it as is sometimes the case with a cold butt plug.

I waited for a moment then gently pushed the plug in further, moving it in small circles until it locked into place as the second bulge in its shape was drawn into me. The elliptical handle was now nestling between my buttocks and the bulbous tip of the toy pressing insistently again my prostate.

I waited for a minute or so then began to experiment with tensing muscle groups in my lower abdomen and buttocks to control the sensation the Njoy Pfun Butt Plug was giving me. Before I knew it my cock was semi rigid on my belly dribbling precum in a glistening stream across my skin. I grasped my shaft and began to play.

The harder my cock grew the more intense the stimulation from the Njoy Pfun Butt Plug massaging my prostate. I wanted to try the butt plug on my knees, crouched on my haunches, I wanted to try it while I was fucking Suze but they could all wait. I wanted to cum on my own stomach, right now.

The approach of the orgasm was accompanied by the tension in my groin and ass being magnified by the presence of the Njoy Pfun Butt Plug. As I involuntarily clenched on it harder the prostate stimulation became more intense and any hope of controlling my orgasm was lost. I was a passenger as my body and the prostate massager took over and tipped me over the edge into the ecstatic oblivion that is a P Spot orgasm.

I must have cried out because when I recovered Suze’s face was at the door. “Oooh look what a mess you’ve made!” she said jokingly before sitting on the bed next to me. Her hand reached out and began to toy with the semen sprayed on my stomach and chest.

Njoy Pfun Butt Plug Summary

It’s difficult to find fault with the Njoy Pfun Butt Plug. Its design is beautiful, finish impeccable and it works so well. It is a relatively small butt plug but that’s because it relies on shape not bulk to work. You could buy cheaper anal sex toys but this toy will last a life time, whereas some other toys …

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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