Nexus Stilo
Nexus Stilo

Stainless steel sex toys are a particular favourite of mine. It’s not that all the sex toy reviews I do aren’t fun to a greater or lesser extent, but I love the weight, thermal characteristics and pure practicality of a stainless steel sex toy. And when it’s a Nexus sex toy like the Nexus Stilo you know it’s been designed by experts; So let the fun commence.

First of all let’s take a look at the sleek form of this toy, but first I need to get it out of the box. The packaging is black, silver and white, boring some might say, I’d prefer to say classic. Pulling the small ribbon that protrudes from the case allows you to open the concealed magnetic catch and lift the lid on your new acquisition. It sits in a snug fitting foam insert under a clear plastic lid. Open that and you finally get access to this weighty beast. Before I started to get involved with the Nexus Stilo I pulled the two internal ribbons to extract the tract which contained the Stilo and reveal a storage bag and instructions and my toy’s “Nexus Authenticity Card”, yes this sex toy has its own ID Card – serial number NEX0615!

The Nexus Stilo is billed as “Polished Pleasure” a dual meaning that is not lost on you when you hold it. The shiny surface emphasises the quality of this sex toy. The shape is designed for male pleasure, though not made to give the same intensity of stimulation as some other toys in the Nexus range. When used it is the weight of this P spot stimulator that really hits the spot. Let me explain.

All anal toys take time to use properly. Fully relaxed and liberally lubed I introduced the toy to my ass. The smooth toy slipped inside after a couple of attempts, it’s all about getting the angle right. When I’d mastered the method of entry the Nexus Stilo was drawn inside me and locked into place with only the loop handle left on the outside. I let my body become accustomed to the shape of the toy while I laid on my side idly toying with myself.

As the minutes ticked by I became increasingly aware of the weight of the Stilo inside me. When I started to move around, trying different positions the weight of the toy gently massaged the inside of my rectum and pressed insistently onto my P Spot. I was now sporting a semi and beginning to dribble precum from the end of my penis. Each shift in position and orientation brought new and intense sensations deep inside me.

I almost made it to the hands-free P Spot orgasm that the instructions promised was possible, but alas not quite and had to give a little manual assistance, stroking myself to climax. If you’ve masturbated with an anal toy before you’ll know how intense the resultant orgasms can be, well add to that the weight of this sex toy and you’ll begin to appreciate the gripping climax the Nexus Stilo generated.

This is a high quality toy that scores top marks on all levels. In practical terms it’s easy to clean and maintain to it will last indefinitely unless you abuse it. The shape is excellent and the weight of the steel puts it in a different class from the cheap, usually hollow generic butt plugs out there. The presentation is excellent and the Stilo can even be fitted with a Nexus vibrating bullet to add yet another dimension to its repertoire of pleasure giving.

One thing I didn’t do is heat the Stilo up or cool it down, with a solid metal toy like this you’ll find it will retain the temperature you give it for a long time. Great if you like to enhance your bedroom fun with a (not too) hot rod of pleasure, or cool rod of icy steel.

Top dollar this product may be but short of taking a  hacksaw or file to it the Nexus Stilo is virtually indestructible so will last you a lifetime so in actual fact offers great value for money once you’ve taken a  deep breath and coughed up the cash. If you’re serious about P Spot massagers you really should consider buying this one.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.