Nexus G-Play Trio
Nexus G-Play Trio

Take two anal sex toys in to the bedroom? No, now I take three and with this sex toy review I’ll be introducing you to a collection of anal vibrators that take you from anal virgin to proficient and confident explorer of anal stimulation.

All of the three G-Play vibrators from Nexus are available to buy separately. Whoever … which one to buy? Well you could go for the smallest and work up but that means you will have to wait for your new sex toy to arrive when you move up a size, or seek it out in your local sex shop. You may also desire different levels of penetration and stimulation at different times, no matter what your experience level is. In any case buying them separately will inevitably cost more than investing in the G-Play Trio set.

Each of the three G-Play toys is cast in high quality silicone with a brushed finish. The three sizes are 70mm, 90mm and 100mm in length. Although the largest vibrator is only 10mm bigger than the medium G-Play it seems much larger, particularly in girth. The three different sized toys have a different vibrator. The small and medium models have single speed units powered by one AAAA and one AAA battery respectively, the largest G-Play vibrator uses a single AA battery and offers five different pulsing/escalating settings.

Because these anal vibrators are made from silicone Nexus warn against using a silicone lubricant as this can attack the silicone bodies of the toy. So armed with a quality water based lube I prepared to test all three G-Plays. But of course I cleaned them first. It’s good practice to clean all sex toys before and after use, they are in intimate contact with sensitive parts of your body after all. Although the toys’ documentation mentions not getting water in the battery compartments it doesn’t mention that the vibrators can be removed before washing to avoid water ingress. Strange as this means you can give the toys a really good cleaning without worrying about breaking the vibe unit.

With squeaky clean toys and lube in hand I lay on a towel on the bed. I worked in a little lube and let myself relax before I began. First I offered the smallest G-Play to my ass. Pressing it against the opening I felt the tip slip easily inside and with a little more help it was drawn inside by the muscles in my anus. Although the on/off button on the vibe units on these toys are only slightly domed they are easy to find so slipping my finger between my legs I switched it on.

I was surprised that this, the smallest vibe was so powerful. Although the presence of the vibrating butt plug itself was barely perceptible the activation of the vibrator made it feel like I had a hornet inside me … without the nasty stinging bit. Very impressive. I experimented for a while moving around to see how different orientations  changed the sensations I was experiencing. The conclusion – not much, but for a tiny device the effect is great.

I removed the small G-Play and with a little more lube slowly inserted the medium vibrator. This certainly made its presence known before the vibrator was switched on. Whether stationary or moving around you feel that the little silicone intruder is making its presence known. With the vibrator activated my ass began to twitch and I noticed the first precum oozing from my cock.

The largest of the three G-Plays settled into place easily and as soon as the base came to rest against the outside of my ass, nestling between my buttocks, I could feel it subtly but insistently pressing against my prostate. I lazily played with my growing erection until my body was accustomed to the presence of the anal intruder and I was left with a pleasurable feeling of fullness. Next I turned on the vibrating butt plug‘s internal bullet vibrator. Each of the five speeds has something to offer, my favourite being one whose intense vibration was punctuated by long pauses.

I half guiltily began to masturbate knowing Suze was in the next room but unable to resist the pleasures of self-pleasure. The added stimulation from the G-Play in my ass causing me to exude a large amount of precum which made my cock head glisten. My buttocks were tight, clamping the vibe in place and amplifying the power of the toy. My balls tightened and within a few minutes I was ready to cum.

I showered my stomach with hot white streaks. The contraction of every muscle in my lower abdomen clamped the G-Play harder than before and fed back as an intense anal-augment orgasm which left me breathless.

I cleaned up and sat down to write this review.

The Nexus G-Play Trio set is not a bargain basement sex toy. Each of the three toys is made from quality materials and designed with an understanding of the male anatomy. For the price of three bargain basement sex toys you have three quality items that allow you to experiment with anal play and match the toy you use to your mood and experience. In my opinion that’s great value

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.