Horse Tail Butt Plug
Horse Tail Butt Plug

This is going to be a really unusual sex toy review, in fact a bit of animal play. We’ve reviewed anal sex toys before and a few unconventional adult products but never a butt plug that gives the user a tail like a horse. Well that’s the one I got to review when I received this Horse Tail Butt Plug.

Made from chromed steel it features a thick and long synthetic hair tail that hangs between the wearer’s legs turning them into an animal of sorts. Suze thought of me as her sexual stallion actually, though I flatter myself she thinks of me like that anyway, LOL.

Other than what I’ve said there is little more to add about the plug itself except to say two things. First the weight tells me that it’s hollow, which I thought might be a bit of a let-down because I like a metal butt plugs to have a bit of density too – part of the fun of a heavy plug is that it has inertia which enhances the sensations when you move. The other thing is that the hair tail is not removable, which would have been a nice feature for cleaning but is not the end of the world as the hair tail is synthetic and easily washed.

I found myself drawn towards this product when I saw it, maybe I have a secret desire to have a tail? Apart from being a metal butt plug, which I like from a stimulation and practicality standpoint it offered something a bit kinky!

Suze toyed with the Horse Tail Butt Plug and started to stroke me with it around the neck as soon as it was unpacked. It wasn’t long before we were in bed and she was teasing me with it, especially around my cock, almost lassoing my genitals with the thick black hairs. This is a really sensual aspect of the plug and meant that I cut short my first attempt at a review because I was so aroused by it that the toy was abandoned while Suze took immediate advantage of my reaction to its gentle caresses 😉

The problem I found when I tried to use it internally was that it was quite difficult to insert. Despite the application of a large amount of anal lube, both to the toy and internally it did not seem to want to slip inside. That might strike you as odd because only last week I reviewed a significantly larger anal toy and was able to insert it with relative ease. The fact is that I find that the effect and ease of use of such toys depends at least as much on shape as it does on size.

In this case the tip of the toy is not quite as pointed as it might be meaning that my ass didn’t seem to want to be opened up as much as I would have liked when I first inserted the Horse Tail Butt Plug. It took a while to work the toy inside. However when I’d positioned it correctly and persevered this anal toy settled into place and was very comfortable, pressing gently against my prostate and fitting securely in place.

With my new tail installed I got onto my knees I relaxed and gently stroked myself until Suze appeared with another toy for test. You can read how much she enjoyed that toy here so I’ll not recount it again, simply add my reaction to this toy.

Having the relatively light metal butt plug between my legs was fun because the weight of the tail more than made up for the hollow butt plug. The tugging forces which the swishing tail exerted on the plug helped massage my prostate gently and coupled with the long black hairs stroking my inner thighs made for a unique experience. It really was like being transformed into another species.

Even though this isn’t the most intense sensation I’ve had from an anal toy internally the tail meant that the whole experience was kinky and exotic, meaning my orgasm was excited and exciting, and of course accompanied by the usual intensity of my ass gripping the Horse Tail Butt Plug as my lower body spasmed at the point of ejaculation..

Horse Tail Butt Plug Summary

This is a butt plug with a difference, well obviously because it’s a Horse Tail Butt Plug. Although I found it difficult to insert it was well worth the effort and as I mentioned above that’s more about my anatomy than this being a particularly large butt plug. Until you’ve tried an anal sex toy like this you’ll never know what it’s like to have a hairy tail swishing around behind you. And feeling it move while you take your partner doggy style is something else. The added sensuality of the “tail” section opens up all sorts of possibilities for you inventive pleasure seekers out there.

Why not try it?


By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.