Give It All Butt Plug Set
Give It All Butt Plug Set

Curiosity about the use of anal sex toys is on the increase, so you’d expect the number of butt plugs and anal sex toys being purchased to be on the rise too. However one of the barriers to buying a butt plug is worry about comfort and what sort of anal sex toy will suite the purchaser.

The answer could be to buy this silicone butt plug set.

It consists of three silicone butt plugs, all slim and suitable for the beginner but with features that will keep you using them and exploring the possibilities of anal fun they offer for a while. There’s a slender 4.5” plug with a slender tip, a 4” plug with three slightly bulbous sections and a final 4” plug with one large bulge in the middle. Plenty of different sensations to be experimenting with. All you need is some good quality water based lubricant and you are ready to experiment.

Because these butt plugs are made from a single piece of high quality silicone they are easy to clean before and after use. Their bases are wide and therefore safe for anal use – the base is flat and therefore also allows you to attach the but plugs to a flat surface, table, bath or shower so you can used these butt-plugs “hands-free”. I also found that you can attached them to the tiles in the bathroom like this to air dry after being washed. The cat was intrigued and a little surprised when he saw them.

These slim butt plugs really would suit an absolute beginner. The soft silicone from which they are moulded means that insertion is easy and they are comfortable when in place. The sensation they deliver varies from what I’d describe as naughty – the feeling you get when you first slip a butt plug in your virgin ass – to filling (at least for a beginner). There’s nothing too intense her and nothing that stops you moving around with one of them in.

I’d recommend these butt plugs for experimentation and particularly masturbation. But because of their small size trying to wear one during sex might result in an unexpected exit and there’s nothing that kills the moment more than trying to retrieve a slipper butt plug in the middle of sex.

This is a great place to start exploring anal stimulation. You may find that they are just right for you and never need to buy anything else for anal play, or you never know you might crave taking the next step to something bigger once these butt plugs have shown you how much fun butt plugs can be.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.