Dr Joel Kaplan Universal Prostate Probe
Dr Joel Kaplan Universal Prostate Probe

The Universal Prostate probe from California Exotic Novelties is an anal sex toy for men designed to stimulate the male P Spot, i.e. the prostate, by insertion into a man’s rectum. It has an insertable length of 10cm and a maximum diameter of 3cm. Not the largest of sex toys but with a shape specifically designed to reach the male pleasure zones it should be big enough …

… just one more thing. There is a weird, flexible wibbly-wobbly section at the base of the toy just above the handle that is positioned to rest against the perineum when the prostate massager is inserted. I’m not convinced about that bit …

I used the Universal Prostate Probe with a water based lube and found it very easy to insert, the flexibility meaning the toy was easy to slip into place without being so soft as to be uncontrollable. Once in place the shape locks the toy in so you’re ready for action without the fear that it will fall out. Whether you’re masturbating or having sex with your partner there’s no risk that the Prostate Probe will pop out at an inopportune moment.

The stimulation this sex toy provides is great, making you feel filled and massaging your prostate quite well, but, could you tell there was a but coming? But, it does tend to turn when it’s inside you meaning the prostate stimulation is diminished somewhat. That wibbly-wobbly section I mentioned would be great if it were stiffer because it would prevent this rotation and also might rub nicely on your perineum – but it doesn’t so you don’t get that external stimulation and the Universal Prostate Massager is free to rotate away from your P Spot.

This prostate massager is so close to being excellent but because of its tendency to rotate when in use it falls short. It’s a nice-ish anal sex toy for guys and does add to your orgasm, it stays in place too unlike too many anal sex toys but there are better anal toys for men out there.




By Alex

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