Aneros Anal Stimulatore
Aneros Anal Stimulatore

The Aneros MGX has been around for a while and it’s therefore incredible that we haven’t reviewed one before. Getting one in for test means reviewing something that has been reviewed and used many times before, it has many fans.

When I unpacked my Aneros Male G Spot Stimulator I was surprised to find it is made of hard plastic. I somehow thought it would be of a softer construction, maybe silicone, so finding out that it’s one piece of rigid material was a surprise. It also left me wondering if the Aneros had been left behind in the years since its creation and would not measure up to the newer toys from rival manufacturers.

The Aneros stimulator is shaped for a man’s anatomy, specifically to stimulate the male G Spot or P Spot – that is, the prostate. Stimulating the prostate can be an intense experience that increases the intensity of orgasm. The size and shape of anal toys can therefore be critical in ensuring they deliver an enhanced experience because they have to be big enough and shaped correctly to apply pressure to the right spot, and not fall out of your backside in use. This has to be balanced against the fact that anal stimulation can be intense because of the density of nerve endings around the anus and the effect pressure has on the prostate – too big and the experience can be too intense.

At 9cm in insertable length and 8 cm in circumference at its widest point the Aneros is one of the smaller anal toys. It’s ability to stimulate comes from its shape, not its size.

I lay on my side as instructed by the packaging (yes men sometimes do read the instructions) and let Suze insert the Aneros, lubed with a water based Pjur lubricant into my ass. It entered easily and the only reason I asked Suze to insert the toy was that she enjoys doing that sort of thing. LOL

When the toy was only two thirds inside me my muscles drew it in until it settled into place, its shape and the external arms preventing it disappearing too far inside. The curvy arms, front and back serve to stimulate the perineum (in the case of the front arm), while the rear one means the toy doesn’t rotate in the anus.

I lay for 15 minutes as instructed to allow my backside to become accustomed to the toy. I slowly became aware that the muscles in my rectum were moving the toy without any conscious intervention from me. It was an intruiging experience as I felt my body adapt and occasionally, as a strong muscular wave rolled along my colon, pressure was applied unexpectedly to my prostate.

Suze stroked my buttocks with her fingernails. It’s something that I enjoy immensely when I’m using anal toys. I don’t know why it just helps me relax, just what you need when you’re using this sort of toy.

When I was full relaxed I rolled onto my back with my eyes closed and felt my semi-hard cock being taken in hand and caressed. I was dribbling precum and felt my balls tightening. I could feel the hand rolling the skin of my cock back and forth, lubricated by my own fluids and becoming harder by the moment.

My anus began to tense, causing the Aneros to press against my G Spot, becoming more intense as I approached orgasm. Suze worked away on my cock, expertly pumping the shaft with one hand and squeezing my balls with the other until I was bucking off the bed. Suddenly I was there, squirting semen across my bare stomach, my ass clenching the Aneros and this in turn pressing on my prostate giving me an earth shattering orgasm.

The Aneros is a great toy. It’s not the new kid on the block by any means but the reason this toy has endured is that it works. Even beginners can learn to use this Male G-Spot Stimulator very quickly because of its small size, and will continue to use it as they gain experience because it delivers great orgasms.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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