Adrien Lastic Spartacus R Penis Sheath
Adrien Lastic Spartacus R Penis Sheath

When I reviewed the original Spartacus Cock Ring I had a few reservations about it. When I first opened the box it looked a little over engineered and that is often a bad sign. However I tried it out and found that although there were a few issues it was a different and interesting sex toy to use. The feedback I passed on to Adrien Lastic seems to have been taken into consideration, though I’m sure they had input from others too and so I don’t want to take all the credit for the changes made to the Spartacus to create the Spartacus R Vibrating Penis Sheath.

In the original version of this sex toy the internal ABS Plastic structure that supported the penis within a silicone sheath caused the skin of my penis to roll back uncomfortably over the cock cage. Also the upper vibrating bullet was angled in such a way that contact with your partner’s clitoris during sex was only possible at steep angles of penetration. Well, they’ve removed the internal rigid plastic and changed the design of the bullets and their silicone sheaths so let’s see what happens.

Getting into the Spartacus R Penis Sheath is documented in detail in a small pictoral manual that drops out of the packaging when you open it. Removing the insulating disks from the two vibrating bullets gets them ready for action before you lube up the ring and yourself ready for use. I would definitely say you must use lube to put on the ring and when you’re using it because otherwise you’ll find yourself pulled by the tight silicone rings on your penis and scrotum.

First you insert your penis into the base ring then through the second ring on the sheath section. Finally spread the silicone scrotum ring and feed your balls through it. I found this a bit difficult because the lower vibrating bullet made getting my scrotum and testicles in place difficult. Once you are wearing it the whole thing stays in place and feels snug. Very snug in fact and you do feel trussed up like a chicken. Now that can be a nice feeling but the more I used the Spartacus R Penis Sheath the more I felt it made my experience of sex like wearing a strap-on.

The bullets are quite high frequency, especially the lower one that sits between you penis and scrotum. That’s fine for me because I like that sort of buzzing bee effect on my balls. However the upper bullet is for your partner and Suze prefers a deeper, lower frequency stimulation on her clitoris so it wasn’t a hit for her. Nice just not mind-blowing. The other issue with the upper bullet is that even though the vibrator is angled towards your partner so it makes better contact with her clitoris, and the silicone housing is moulded with ridges making contact with Suze only occurred at specific angles.

I think the problem for us was that the Spartacus was very tight on my anatomy. Of course everyone is arranged slightly differently so I can only speak from our experiences, but I felt constricted as mentioned above, constricted in a way that was a little tighter than I felt comfortable with. This made the Spartacus R very rigid and I think stopped the angled clitoral stimulator from making contact properly. I also found that the skin of my cock rolled over the penis sheath as it did in the previous Spartacus, but not as uncomfortably due to the removal of the hard, inner plastic support.

To put all that in context, I’m 7.5 inches long when erect and proportionately wide. A slightly smaller penis would have made a lot of difference, giving more freedom to position the Spartacus R and less rigidity during sex.

The Spartacus R Vibrating Penis Sheath is a well made and sophisticated sex toy. It’s great if you like to feel enclosed in a cock ring or sheath but wasn’t quite a hit for me. Adrien Lastic deserve a huge amount of praise for the thought and design they put into their products. Sadly this one didn’t work out for us but knowing Adrien Lastic there’ll be plenty more products in the pipeline to enjoy.

By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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