Ocean Dream Vibrating Egg Review
Ocean Dream Vibrating Egg Review

I’m a big fan of vibrating eggs because they are such versatile sex toys.  Whilst not being designed for internal stimulation, egg vibrators are good for inserting in to bras and panties for indoor or al fresco fun.

They are even better when they can be operated via remote and even more so when the remote is totally wireless.  The opportunities for fun are many especially if you hand the remote to a trusted partner.

Mundane chores like cleaning, ironing and shopping can become an exciting and naughty venture with a little bit of imagination and a good egg or bullet vibrator.

This Ocean Dream vibrating egg is one of a collection of inventive and interesting products produced by Adrien Lastic.  I’ll be reviewing their range of products over the coming weeks so make sure you stay tuned.

But for now back to this chunky, contoured, silicone remote controlled egg.  As I mentioned earlier usually bullets and eggs are designed in the main to be used externally. This one could be used for shallow vaginal stimulation too if you keep a hold of the retrieval loop.  Making this even more fun to play with.  😉

And worthy of note is that the Ocean Dream vibrating egg comes complete with a pair of AAA batteries so you are ready to go from the moment you open the box.  Something other manufacturers should consider.

Unlike other products in the line the LRS remote control doesn’t need to be paired so from the moment you turn the remote on the pleasure starts.  The lozenge shaped control is easy to operate with its 3 button interface which take you up and down through the modes and intensities off for rapid termination.

I’ll load the batteries whilst you read through the Ocean Dream’s speggtacular points.  Sorry, couldn’t resist that.  Lol

Offers 10 modes of vibration including constant, pulsating and escalating.

Is operated by Adrien Lastic’s LRS wireless remote control system which can be used with several of their products.

You can enjoy both external and internal (vaginal) play with caution to keep hold of the integral retrieval cord.

Can be used in the bathroom as this egg has a waterproof seal, although you would have to be careful with the remote as that’s only splash proof.  Perhaps best handing it over to your partner as they watch you shower.  😉

Offers quiet but powerful vibrations at the push of a button.

With a small, discreet remote you can secret easily in the palm of your hand outdoor fun is irresistible.  😉

For the purposes of this review I decided not to play out but retreat to my boudoir so I could enjoy both external and internal play without being arrested.  Lol

Not a practice I’m accustomed to I’m keeping the panties on, least for a few minutes.  After all I couldn’t tell you how it feels to slip the Ocean Dream vibrating egg in to my undies if I don’t leave them on.

Once in place the egg does tend to make you walk a little like a duck but it feels perfectly comfortable nuzzled between your labia.  I turned the vibrations on and enjoyed the feeling of having my panties full of bees.

Now the acid test, I walked next door in to the office and handed Alex the controls then walked away from him whilst keeping him in sight.  The remote appears to have a close proximity of about 2 meters before remote control is lost.  So you would need to be near your partner when using the Ocean Dream together.

I took back the control and went back in to the bedroom.  This time I removed the egg and slipped off my panties.  How would the Ocean Dream perform internally?

The girth of the egg coupled with the contouring aided the grounding of the Ocean Dream.  I found I didn’t need to keep hold of the retrieval cord once seated inside my vagina.  I was now totally hands free as I took up the control.

A few presses through the constant modes found a very pleasant escalating mode which when coupled with a wet finger running over my clitoris almost had me…but this review isn’t over yet.

I held back, removing the egg for a little clitoral massaging.  😉

Slipping my four fingers through the retrieval cord I parted my labia once more, targeting my very moist clitoris.  I placed the tip of the egg against my sensitive bud enjoying the escalating charms of the egg.

I added an up and down motion too, massaging my clitoris through its hood.  And that felt…


Then without warning that warm tingly feeling took over my body from toes to pelvic girdle in a tidal orgasmic wave.

And beaching me, flushed and sated.

This is a bullet for all levels of user simply because you apply as required to sensitive areas and enjoy.  I just had one issue.  The remote control pick up range should be greater for a more rounded experience.  It’s great for solo use but for use with a partner I feel that range needs to be increased.

By Suze

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