A-Moore Vibrator From Adrien Lastic
A-Moore Vibrator From Adrien Lastic

I never fail to get excited when slipping the crisp white outer sleeve from the internal packaging to reveal the toy within.

A quick word about the consistent quality of Adrien Lastic’s packaging.

It’s never overly embellished and under stated which makes it look so classy.

The outer sleeve features a life sized image of the A-Moore on the front and on the rear a quick bullet pointed guide to its features.  Once inside, the internal pink cellophane windowed box tantalisingly displays the A-Moore clitoral massager.

Once inside the pink (Oooh, that sounds a little like a metaphore. Lol)  Adrien Lastic A-Moore is presented to you nuzzled in a clear cellophane insert which also houses a white box containing your charger.

Yes, the A-Moore is a rechargeable clit vibe.  Don’t you just love green toys?  Well, as green as they come for now.

You will also find a white satin pouch to keep your vibrator in and a petite instruction booklet which had me wondering where I put my magnifying glass for a moment before I unfurled the pages.  Unlike other space saving manuals this one is perfectly legible with just my glasses.  Phew!  Lol

This vibrator has been designed with thought, the head is acutely angled allowing you to use it with the base flat against you pudenda and yet still be able to access the controls.  The two button controls are mounted on the head for easy access and are raised so you can find them when in place.

The A-Moore is made from velvety smooth silicone over a hard ABS plastic frame and has a fat base which allows it to stand to attention by the side of the bed in readiness for action.

The dual charging system means you can use the European plug or your PC’s USB port.  In the manual it says that when charging the A-Moore vibrator the red light comes on and once fully charged the light turns blue.

This wasn’t the case with mine.  When plugged in and charging the red light is constantly flashing and when fully charged it remains constant.  A small technicality but one worthy of note.

So whilst the A-Moore is charging under my bed let’s take a look this vibe’s interesting features.

  • A full charge could take up to 4 hours and provides up to 60 minutes of vibrator action.
  • Offers 11 modes of vibration including constant, pulse and intermittent modes with pleasure in mind.  😉
  • Is easy to operate with a 2 x button interface and raised controls for ease of use during play.  Simply press the upper button to work up through the settings and the lower one to go back.
  • With its dual charging system you can empower your vibrator via mains or USB connection.
  • Has a length of 8cm with a diameter of just under 12cm.
  • Offers quiet but strong vibrations which can be used on nipples, clitoris and even his perineum (the area beyond his balls).  Use your imagination.
  • Is splash proof for use in the shower, so don’t restrict your play to the bedroom.

I left Alex working on a project and slipped off to the bedroom with the A-Moore, nothing unusual in our household to be seen leaving a room brandishing a new sex toy.  Lol

A quick wash with anti bac soap and I was ready…more than ready to let off a little steam after a particularly long week.

The bedroom curtains were drawn against the howling wind and rain outside as I pulled the cord on my bedside lamp.  Illuminating the room with a warm glow.

I slipped out of my day wear and in to my night t-shirt facilitating easy access to my clitoris.

Taking the clit vibe with me I slipped under the duvet, rain lashing hard against the window making me feel even more horny.  Stormy nights do that to me, it must be the smug feeling you get from being safe and warm indoors.

Placing the tip of the A-Moore between my lips I targeted my clitoris with the firm curved tip and pressed the upper button firing the vibe in to its first constant vibration mode.  I was pleasantly pleased that unlike some clit vibes you can use this one with your legs closed because of the slim design of the head.  Which is a good thing as it enhances your clitoral play experience.

A couple of presses more and the constant speed setting was hitting my spot.  So much so that I found Alex standing by the bed trousers down and ready to jump me.  Lol

As I made the final twitches of clitoral orgasm Alex appeared over me naked and as hard as a rock.  OMG!  Two orgasms within minutes?

He pushed my legs apart and pushed his erection inside me whilst the A-Moore from Adrien Lastic continued to work its magic on my flushed clitoris.  The combination of penetration and clitoral stimulation was about to drive me out of my mind.

The A-Moore sits discreetly against your pubic bone whilst you are being taken!

Alex was now fucking me and enjoying the combination of penetration, vibration and my obvious delight.  I added to this by hooking the massager under the base of his cock so he could feel what I was enjoying. Needless to say he didn’t hold out long before he was in the final throws of his orgasm.

What can I say?

The A-Moore is a great clitoral vibrator and an awesome couples toy too.  One for newbies, oldies and those who want to bring a little something new to the bedroom.


By Suze

Suze has been using and reviewing sex toys for over a decade. Her sex toy reviews are valued by consumers and the adult industry alike making her one of the most respect adult industry writers and consultants in the world.