Fun Factory Tiger

Fun Factory Tiger

Fun Factory Tiger

My overriding question when requesting this toy for testing and performing a sex toy review was will it make me purrr?

The G4 Vibes is the latest range of stylish vibrators from Fun Factory, with a newly designed sculptural loop containing the control centre for the vibrator.  Operation is simple with the + – and mode controls all variable at the touch of a button.

With its curved ridged shaft the Tiger looks like it could be an animal in the bedroom and the looped ergonomic handle controlling this beast should be easy.  😉  I found myself stroking the beast as I sat at my desk with its packaging strewn around me.

I had torn in to the Jiffy bag outer packaging and the internal boxing without a thought and now I was sitting at my desk imagining the fun we both could share.

Quick, come with me to the bathroom for a wash and brush up and let’s see where the moment takes us.  Lol

While I give Tiger there a thorough cleansing I will give you a rundown of his animal charms…

  • Offering a curved ridged shaft for targeting that g-spot and vaginal stimulation.
  • Has a smooth velvety coat which feels good against the skin.
  • Is fully rechargeable with its Click N Charge technology.
  • Illuminated control panel for see in the dark programmability.
  • Has 1 x constant with several speed settings and a further 3 patterns of powerful vibrations  All I can say is WOW!
  • Is quiet yet powerful for discreet moments of pleasure.
  • Gives dual stimulation with its clitoral nub.
  • Easy program selection with the Booster button.

Right!  Tiger clean and ready for action…

No porn this time I was in the mood for some good tunes.  I browsed my CD collection and selected some Placebo, my metro sexual dirty secret.  I find Brian a complete sexual mystery and inspiration just as I do David Bowie.  Don’t ask me what it is these guys have but it gets my juices flowing.  😉

I pulled the curtains to, the duvet back and removed my clothing discarding it to the floor need being priority over tidiness.  Slipping under the duvet I reached out for my Tiger which lay on top of my bedside drawers.

It felt cool to the touch so I slipped it between the hot flesh of my thighs to warm for a while whilst I listened to the music.  It may have been dark, dismal and wet outside but inside I was warming to the thought of getting some.

My heart quickened and my blood surged through my body as I thought about being taken by a handsome stranger, not in a non consensual way but a sensual one.  The unexpected kiss on the back of the neck as he approaches from behind.  His warm breath as he presses up against you, his hard cock clearly discernible in his trousers.


I slip the Tiger from between my hot thighs at the same time placing my other hand over my pussy, running my fingers between my puffed up lips to check just how wet this dirty bitch was.  My findings, moist and ready.  😉

The tip of the Tiger soon parted me as it slipped inside my cunt and I accommodated its substantial girth with a sigh.  I could feel each pronounced ridge of the velvety shaft as it entered me, stimulating my vaginal muscles.   Boy did that feel good.

The finish of the shaft aided the stimulation providing the right amount of friction to arouse when coupled with the undulation.  I was already on my way before I pressed any buttons.  What else could the Tiger offer me?

A couple of depressions of the speed button and I was humming with the deep waves of vibration.  And lets not forget that clitoral nub, it was pressing against my clit as the Tiger worked my g-spot, what more could a girl wish for!  FUCK!

If the neighbours were in they would have heard some expressive expletives leave my lips as I worked that vibe in and out of my hungry pussy.   And then…I let go.  Quivering and trembling with the intensity of the sensory onslaught I came.

What more could a girl ask for…

This vibrator is a good all rounder, the full package and would make a great companion for moderate to experienced users but I feel it could be a little too challenging for the beginner.  But hey!  If you like a challenge then this is certainly a good vibrator to opt for and I’m sure you wouldn’t be disappointed.






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