Naughty Boy Prostate Stimulator
Naughty Boy Prostate Stimulator

The Rude Boy from Rocks-Off was the first in what looks like being a series of anal toys aimed specifically at the male market. I originally reviewed the Rude Boy here, now I have the Naughty Boy to play with.

We got this from the good people at Rocks-off on Sunday at the adult trade show. It’s brand new and looked deceptively tame.

Prostate massagers come in two broad types, the rigid and the flexible silicone variety. The Naughty Boy falls into the flexible camp. Made from medical grade silicone it can only be described as a wolf in sheep’s clothing. It’s narrower and shorter than its predecessor, but shaped to make it easier to hold in place.

And where is that place? Well, as it’s a prostate massager it goes right up your arse!

Laying back on the bed, towel under my buttocks and with an appreciative Suze watching on I lubed up with some water based lube. Anal play needs plenty of good quality lube and Pjur Aqua fits the bill perfectly. It dispenses easily and has just the right viscosity.

I raised my knees and circled my anus with the lubed tip of the Naughty Boy. When I pushed the first three centimetres of the Naughty Boy past my sphincters it was like a slender finger probing my ass. A very pleasurable sensation, enhanced when I turned on the toy’s in-built bullet.

A note about the bullet, it’s Rocks-Off’s ubiquitous RO-80 bullet, found in everything from their Rock Chick to the Naughty Boy. It’s simple to use – either on or off – and very powerful for its size.

Onward and upward as they say, LOL. Easing the Naughty boy further upwards I got a surprise. The Naughty Boy is almost as rigid as the Rude Boy, but because its tip is narrower the sensation of pressure on your prostate and the vibration it conducts give an incredibly intense stimulation. These things are very personal, like insertable toys for women your physical size and internal anatomy will dictate exactly how your body will react to this toy. I’ve had larger toys designed for male prostate stimulation up there and not had such an intense experience.

When I had become accustomed to the very, very Naughty Boy I became aware of a hand lifting my semi-rigid cock and a tongue licking the precum that had accumulated at the end of it. Suze can’t resist giving a helping hand. Or hand job.

The RO-80 bullet was sending tingling vibrations across my Perineum via its subtly formed ribbing and up my ass to my prostate. This combined with a slow and deliberate hand job from Suze was really making my night.

Toys like this reach the peak of their effectiveness as you climax. And boy did I climax. I shrieked as I came. My sphincter muscles clenched the toy, this in turn increased the pressure on my prostate and improved the transmission of vibration through my perineum.

It took my breath away, unlike a “natural” orgasm, brought about manually or with a partner which you want to externalise, the orgasm was directed inward toward my groin and up my spine, tingling and quaking until my balls stopped pumping. I lay there for a while watching Suze amusing herself rubbing the semen, that had landed on my chest, around my nipples.

This toy isn’t huge, only 2.6cm in diameter at its largest point, so in one respect it’s great for beginners. And yet I have to say that its shape gave me an incredibly intense orgasm.

Top marks for the designers of this toy, well worth investing in it you’re an anal virgin with a sense of adventure.

I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.

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By Alex

Alex reviews sex toys both solo and with his partner Suze, allowing him to give a unique perspective on adult products from a truly authoritative and experienced standpoint.

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