The Tenga Flip Hole is the latest male sex toy from Tenga, the makers of the original Onacup. Up to now all Tenga toys have been single use items, unless you wore a condom when using them. Tenga have made the sensible decision to create the reusable Flip Hole.

The packaging presents the Flip Hole in a way that makes you want to open it and investigate the Flip. As I mention in the video, durability might be a problem for the packaging but so long as you’re careful it will keep the toy clean and safe in a drawer when not in use.

Tenga supply three lubes with the Flip Hole to encourage you to buy their lube offerings, but any good quality water based lube will be fine. Obviously, unlike its predecessors the Flip Hole doesn’t come ready lubed, there appeared to be a thin film of lube, or mould release compound from the manufacture, but in line with good practice I washed the toy before use. It’s then when you really appreciate the design in the Tenga Flip.

The silicone insert consists of two halves that interlock. They are not mirror images of each other though. One side is mainly ribbed and angular, the end furthest from the opening terminating in what Tenga refer to as the “End Orb”, the opposite half of the insert is covered in hemispherical bobbles with names like “Click Orb” and “Quattro Wave”. Each of these different shapes come into play when you use the Flip and apply pressure to one or more of the hard plastic buttons on the outside of the case.

I lubed the Flip with the intermediate viscosity lube and slipped it slowly onto my cock. You can feel every contour inside the Flip despite the insert being extremely soft. The hard plastic case allows the soft insert to move within it and as you fill the inside of the Flip the soft inner pushed outwards around the buttons and hard plastic frame. This keeps the insert semi-rigid and allows you to apply pressure on your penis using the buttons.

Just using the Flip without the buttons is similar to using one of the basic Tenga masturbators, like the Air Cushion Cup that I reviewed previously. Applying pressure to the buttons allows you to bring into play each of the different shapes within the Tenga itself, including the vacuum pump.

The vacuum pump does exactly what it sounds like, sucking your erection gently and making greedy slurping sounds as your cock slides in and out. You have very precise control over the pressure and nature of the sensation on your penis making control of your ascent to orgasm easy and satisfying. Suze watched me fascinated as I used it, entranced by the sight of my cock disappearing into this translucent beauty and amused by the slurping sounds.

Unlike the Air Cushion Cup I was able to insert almost all of my erect penis into the Flip Hole. Fully enveloped I enjoyed the most satisfying orgasm I’ve ever experienced with a masturbator. I held myself on the brink for several thrusts, but the Tenga’s soft insert begs to be filled and I had to let myself go and release myself inside it while pushing the Flip as far onto my cock as it would go. Suze couldn’t resist giving my balls a little tug as I came. She loves to join in.

Cleaning was easy, warm water and soap then hang the Flip on its stand to dry. No propping it at an angle on the side of a bath like other toys after its post-use cleansing.

This toy beats every other masturbator I’ve tried. It’s controllable, sensual and cleverly designed. My only reservation is the name. Everyone I’ve talked to refers to it as the Flip, not the Flip Hole. I assume it’s a “lost in translation” thing, but I can’t apply “Hole” to this toy, the insert is almost a work of art not some anonymous latex orifice that you’d find on a cheap masturbator.

If I have to make one criticism it is that the hinge on the flip is plastic and I suspect may not be as durable as the rest of the toy. It would not affect the use of the toy were it to break but will I think be the first point of failure.

Tenga deserve this toy to be a hit; The Flip is to masturbators what the iPod is to other digital music players – it costs a little more but it’s the one the cool kids have.

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By Alex

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